Zuva in unique treble 

Source: Zuva in unique treble – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 13, 2019


ZUVA Petroleum has attained three International Standards Organisation certifications from the British Standards Institution (BSI), making it the only company in Zimbabwe’s fuel sector to do so.

BSI ISO Certification is considered a symbol of recognition and an endorsement of operating according to globally recognised international standards.

Zuva acquired the Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Zuva chief executive Bethwell Gumbo said the company’s journey to certification started in 2017.

“The achievement of quality standards in administrative procedures clearly demonstrates our willingness to establish and operate effective, efficient and transparent systems. It
recognises that in seeking to achieve the highest standards we are prepared to open our systems to independent scrutiny and evaluation and to adapt to best practices,” he said.

Energy Minister Joram Gumbo, who was present at an event to celebrate the achievement, urged local companies to attain certification.

“My ministry is proud to see Zimbabwean companies achieving international standards. This is what we yearn for as government. It is government’s desire to see all Zimbabwean companies, not just energy companies, producing goods and services that meet international standards in order to be competitive on the global market,” Gumbo said.

“We are, in particular, excited about the standards that Zuva has chosen to pursue as they reflect the ministry’s area of focus. The focus areas of customer service, environment and occupational health are topical matters in the fuel industry today.”

Less than 1% of companies in Zimbabwe are certified and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe has called for the market to demand and deal with companies that are not certified.


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    Cynical 3 years ago

    Not too difficult to attain if ” You know Who ” is a major shareholder in Zuva.