Independence for black Zimbabweans

Independence for black Zimbabweans

Harare – If we look deeper and further we shall be shocked that to this day the black Zimbabwean remains poor, hopeless and oppressed in his own country.

Source: Independence for black Zimbabweans – The Zimbabwean by Vince Musewe

On the social front the quality of life remains sub standard in general. On the political front he remains disenfranchised and disillusioned.

On the economic front the average black Zimbabwean still struggles to make a decent living. He faces exploitation and disrespect from his own government and it’s institutions. He faces racism from the Chinese and the Indians who may employ him in his own country.  He faces disrespect from some but not all White folk here.

In the totality of his life the black Zimbabwean is neither free nor happy in his own country. He is a wretched soul of lost dreams and hopes. Challenges on all fronts of his life still face him as if nothing happened in 1980.


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    Guy 11 months

    True. Very profoundly sad.

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    Nyoni 11 months

    How true Vince . The reality is nothing has changed since 1980 .IT HAS ONLY GOT WORSE.

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    Ian Smith 11 months

    So dependent on the US $ not even Smith went so low shame.

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    william 11 months

    A tragedy. In 1972 Rhodesia had full employment despite real sanctions. That means that for everyone looking
    for a job, there was a job. Rural folk got employment in the cities and then had the option to go home and reap the
    harvest. Imagine the abundance now if if …………

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    Nhamodzenyika 11 months

    This not a government its a Mafia, dog eat dog situation, sorry, and now busy intimidating old gogo’s and ana sekuru in rural areas for this MAFIA to retain power at any cost, nxu nxu nxu nxu nxu shame sitereki. Where are we brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, uncles and anties, sons and daughters and together let’s remove this Stanic regime sitting on our shoulders