Land war breaks out as Zanu PF youths run amok

Land war breaks out as Zanu PF youths run amok

Source: Land war breaks out as Zanu PF youths run amok – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 4, 2017

FOUR villagers from Insangu village in Chief Jahana’s area in Shangani were rushed to United Bulawayo Hospitals on Sunday after they were brutally attacked by suspected Zanu PF youths following fierce land clashes in the area.


Village head, Ernest Nxumalo, confirmed the incident saying the villagers were attacked with axes, knobkerries and machetes after they sought to meet the traditional leadership and register their intention to repossess their ancestral land from the current settlers.

Nxumalo said the victims claimed that their forefathers had been forcibly evicted from the area during the colonial era and dumped in Nkayi district, and they were now seeking to move back to their land of birth.

“There was serious violence in my village, which is Village 5 today [Sunday]. There are people who came back looking for places to stay. They settled waiting for the chief to allocate them the stands and they pitched some tents,” Nxumalo said.

“Violence was started by a teacher at Insangu Primary School, Shame Mathe. He hired about 57 gold panners to attack peaceful villagers with axes, bolt knobkerries and machetes.”

But, Mathe denied involvement in the skirmishes.

“I do not know anything about that I just saw the police. I am just hearing it now. I was at my home I am not involved,” he said.

Police could not be reached for comment yesterday.