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Moyo pleads with exiles to return home

via Moyo pleads with exiles to return home | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Monday, June 2, 2014

Simon Khaya Moyo, the ZANU PF senior Minister of State, has urged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to return home and participate in rebuilding the country’s economy.

Speaking last week at a meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions at Harare Polytechnic, Moyo said individuals in foreign lands had a role to play in economic development.

‘You go in the SADC region, it’s Zimbabweans who are running the economies of those countries and beyond. In Europe it’s you people who are there and can you imagine if we say come back all of you and let us now address all our challenges.

‘This is going to be something else in this country and we shall be moving also in that direction to make sure that those in the Diaspora come back and make the situation attractive in the sense that they must feel that they have got a duty to contribute to our economic development,’ said Moyo.

He continued: ‘So if you have got any relative outside, please tell them to get ready to come back home because we need them so that Zimbabwe can move ahead.’

However social commentator Matthew Nyashanu told SW Radio Africa on Monday that Moyo’s rallying call is laughable, coming from a man whose party forced millions of Zimbabweans into exile.

‘What has changed in Zimbabwe that can attract the people who left because of dire economic and political problems? Things have gone from bad to worse and in the last eight months alone, thousands more have left the country,’ Nyashanu explained.

He said ZANU PF must return to the rule of law and improve on its democratic record as a signal that they are ready to do things differently.

‘Any country that has sound economic policies and respects human rights will attract skilled workers. You don’t need to call them but they will come on their own volition,’ added Nyashanu.

It is estimated that there are between three and four million Zimbabweans in exile today, with many of them experts in various fields. Analysts point out that Zimbabwe is a country that has a large percentage of its active population in exile, because of the economic insecurity back home.



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    Educated Idiot 4 years

    Where did I go wrong….

    I watched the 2010 world cup through the corner of my eye on my way to drop off dirty plates at the back of the restaurant.

    I have survived on the generosity of diners as I wait on all tables of Gauteng without an assured salary

    I have put on weight not from eating their leftover tasteless beef and chicken but from the lack of decent food and adequate rest

    I have shared a single room in Hillbrow and London with countless cousins and friends in order to save the little I earn from tips to buy food and pay fees for siblings back home

    I have looked after and washed the old and the sick in old peoples’ homes of London and Christchurch

    I have guarded buildings and poured fuel in the dry desert of Las Vegas.
    I have cleaned the toilets of Heathrow and Gatwick airports

    I have toiled on the farms of South Africa and helped them produce cheap genetically modified food.

    I have developed systems in gadgets that have been to Mars and back

    I am the voice of wisdom in the training rooms and universities around the world.

    I am the decision maker in the top five software companies of the world

    My finger prints are all over power stations around the world

    I fought in the war of Iraq and supported peace efforts in Sudan and killed fellow Africans in Libya.
    I was a victim in the Japanese Tsunami, the uprisings of North Africa and the Middle East

    I was in that plane that crushed far away from home and over an ocean

    I was brought home in a coffin because the ego took the best of me and could not bring myself to take ARVs

    I am the doctor that cannot save my own and yet I save countless lives in faraway places

    I endure the cold nights of Siberia and Toronto so I can support myself and those back home.
    I deny myself freedom because I have never known liberty

    I provide wise counsel to governments and multinational institutions around the world

    I have designed and worked on sugar plantations of Mozambique, Tanzania and Sierra Leone.

    I work in the deep mines of South Africa, Namibia, Australia, Botswana, Mali and Ghana

    And yet, and yet I can do the same for the good of my country.

    I am the one that is not appreciated and is taken for granted at home.

    I am a Zimbabwean

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      Bob the Idiot 4 years

      Very well said I must said.Thats a very typical of being a Zimbo

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      Roving Ambassador 4 years


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      suziq 4 years

      I love your comment well done….zimbo’s do not go back home YET !!!! UNTIL MUGABE IS GONE THAN THINK ABOUT IT… I AM….I LOVE YOU ALL

    • comment-avatar
      Macemike 4 years

      Too true

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      biend 4 years

      Well done Educated Idiot,your short poem hits right in the core of being a Zimbabwean,by the time I got to the end of your poem my eyes were filled with tears.They are some who have been food to crocodiles and other predators,some who are lying in unmarked and unnamed graves,dying of hunger,various illnesses and even being butchered to death by people of foreign Lands just for being Zimbabwean.It makes u wonder sometimes where is the All Mighty,irikupi Midzimu Mikuru ye Zimbabwe vana vachitambudziwa kudai?

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      l tell you what.You are more than a idiot as your name. Moyo within a short he got a bank busyness.Look at Bulawayo no deverlop, no water ,no new company and you tell one of them to come back.Now that our beloved on its knees bcoz of ZANU.PF.The country is block and now you want to steal the little we have in diaspora.Mugaba,Mugabe from Singapole,to South Africa,if he was given a green light to go Brussell he should have gone right on his way or in Malawi.All that means money.SHAME,SHAME,SHAME SHAME ZANU.PF

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      Zeezee 4 years

      Brilliant! Couldn’t have said it better. Why will the diaspora return home when there another mass exodus taking place?

    • comment-avatar
      Chat2206 4 years

      This is powerful!

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    titus 4 years

    Kumusha kwekuti ukaita mari you get arrested and investigated, we better investment in houses for our children only not money

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 4 years

    Moyo don’t you have better things to do?

  • comment-avatar
    titus 4 years

    We can buy houses not our money, where is the diamond money first. Kumusha ukaita Mari you get arrested and investigated, that’s only our fear. That’s why we are keeping our little funds and prefer investing in free countries from the police interference

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    andy 4 years

    Then resign along with the rest of zanu, let’s have a genuine election and then when we have a legitimate government with brains people will return.

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    ntaba 4 years

    Why would people that have been persecuted by Zanu want to listen to this idiot now and return to Zimbabwe? Do we think that Zanu will change its spots? Now Zanu wants the country rebuilt again so that they can have another chance to loot it a second time – like Kondozi.

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    Sydney 4 years

    If Khaya Moyo is serious about Diasporas coming back home, then his party Zanu-PF will need to be out of government and hold free and fair elections to determine who becomes the new leader of Zimbabwe.They also need to allow diasporas to vote in the presidential elections.

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    Druzhba 4 years

    There’re more than enough people in Zimbabwe, why not leave diasporans alone!! Diasporans will come home when they feel they want to come back home.

  • comment-avatar
    muntu 4 years

    I think Moyo was overfed when he belched this bile….doesn’t even need dignifying by responding to it.

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    zanupf fear me 4 years

    We need barricades not 2018 nikuv erections Mr Andy.

  • comment-avatar
    Chaka 4 years

    The situation is not yet conducive Moyo. Clean your house first

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    holy moyo 4 years

    First..Free elections..Will all diasporans voting.
    Second mugabe and his thieving wife and corrupt snmelly Mafia of a regime must go..
    To jail..for their crimes

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    kelly 4 years

    Chu Chu!!!! if all in diaspora were to return home by chance , Zanu PF would not last. We have tasted the freedom and now know well what should be so until the corrupts fall down or we push them out, I am staying put and yes here in diaspora Zimbos ae CEOs , pilots, chief engineers , not to talk of surgeons and specialists who could turn the country around in no time but ALAS they have to wage a war first. Cry the beloved country

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    the duty of those in the diaspora is simple ,,help those family you can but more important create opportunities for those who are oppressed to get the fk out of Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    mark longhurst 4 years

    lets do a deal, Zanupf and the army ,police and airforce should be exiled to the diaspora and we the skills and future of a real Zimbabwe for all will return, heads full of ideas, hearts full of moral fortitude and pockets full of cash-hokoyo Zanu for what you ask will bury you and your sorry lot of murderers and rapists.

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    Onini 4 years

    Leave us alone. You idiot

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    Dzatsva 4 years

    you lived in SA simoni,good roads,water and electricity in abundance,cash anywhere any time.Tell me honestly why would one live all that and take his wife and children to go back home and face a collapsed system like yours.You rigged the elections face the misic alone and history must judge you shall never know peace all in zanupf company,looters,rapists,murderers,evel gadgets in the country.Paaaaaassssssssiiiiiii nemi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    xaxa 4 years

    KKKKKK, rega ndiseke. Chematama, iye Morgan Tsvangirai mbune said, you can rig the election and not the economy. The solution doesn’t lie in people in the diaspora coming home. These people have contributed more than enough. They are driving the economy from wherever they are, yet the remittances they are sending home are not appreciated.

    One wonders how genuine this call is. You have on countless times denied the Diasporas their rights, to the extent of denying them the right to vote. They are perceived as enemies of the state and some have returned home to fall into destitution as opportunities are reserved for the pro-ZANU. Some of the people are on the “wanted list” and so it gets so scary for them to come back home. Their only crime is that they openly criticised the President and questioned how the country is being managed.
    Instead of focusing on building the economy, Mugabe and his henchmen have worked to destroy their own all because they have openly questioned a lot of things.
    People love their country but they are filled with fear, they have struggled to rebuild themselves and the fear of starting all over again in a place where unemployment is well over 85%, where industries are crumbling and closing, a place that is unpredictable politically is never a place one wishes to go.

    I think the only solution is for the current leadership and government to resign and let new and fresh elections which are REALLY FREE and FAIR to take place, “a dream that will never come”. While people hear your call Moyo, the political and economic environment remain a thorn in the flesh. Who can take their money in an environment of liquidity problems? Who in their right frame of mind would invest in Zimbabwe unless one is teaming up with thieves and looting ZANU PF people who have plundered the country mineral resources like the Chinese and Diamond miners have done.

    There is no political committment here and I have friends and relatives who have come back from the diaspora but feel it was pre-mature to do so. The level of corruption is indescribable.Whatever you want to do economically or otherwise, one has to pay “chioko muhomwe” and business ethics have no place in Zimbabwe today.

    Do your homework Moyo and the only solution is for all of you to go and we will definitely see the re-birth of a prosperous Zimbabwe. It’s never going to be easy for Mugabe’s predecessor to bring the country back on track but a lot of people out there are keen to make REAL contribution to making Zimbabwe a better country again.

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    Justice 4 years

    There are none so blind as those who cannot see!

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    LUCY 4 years

    If only Moyo and CO read only these comments on this article and take everything into consideration, act on the very valid concerns raised here just maybe,just maybe a few of the diasporans might start packing their bags.

    But no they wont act. They dont even believe that they are the problem and the reason many people left.They blame everyone else except their own foolish policies and big egos.

    Few people want to live in these many contries no matter the seemingly good life they lead.Its just not HOME.

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    Nesbert majoni 4 years

    Why does this idiot ask employed Zimbos to come to a country where there are no jobs. The people back home are unemployed and you ask gainfully employed people to come home and join the unemployed. Remember that was the reason why they left the country. So what has changed now. It’s even worse. These ZANU PF goons are clueless now. Murderers, rapists, corrupts and very greed idiots. Tongai ka handiti makawhina.

  • comment-avatar
    Nesbert majoni 4 years

    Why does this idiot ask employed Zimbos to come to a country where there are no jobs. The people back home are unemployed and you ask gainfully employed people to come home and join the unemployed. Remember that was the reason why they left the country. So what has changed now. It’s even worse. These ZANU PF goons are clueless now. Murderers, rapists, corrupts and very greed idiots. Tongai ka handiti makawhina.

    • comment-avatar
      Tawanda 4 years

      You are very right. There are no jobs at home. I was there for 8 months and could not get any.

  • comment-avatar
    Mseyamwa 4 years

    The sense of duty must surely start with the country’s leaders. You want diasporans to’feel they habe a duty to rebuild the country’? First show thyself by performing those positive avtions thay point the country in the right direction. First feel the duty to improve the lives of Zimbabweans and Zimbabweans might feel duty bound to rebuild. As long as you are still selective in your admin, no one feels duty to rescue thieves and murderers who may soon turn on you as soon as they think they are in the clear.

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    Expat 4 years

    Reading a lot of these comments i see the word FEAR used often.
    How can a government expect respect when its people FEAR them this is a system of governance from the 7th – 8th century. who wants to return to such a dark age!

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    JOHNSON 4 years

    The call by Mr Moyo is highly hypocritical and immature in that those in the diaspora were ejected from the country by legalized lawlessness whereby laws such as AIPPA, POSA, etc were decreed against the population. Most left because their opposition to zany policies was not tolerated, yet the demise of society and the economy proves them right. Zimbabwe is an abnormal society where even wearing an opposition T-Shirt is a death sentence. In the diaspora even foreigners can give negative opinions on local politics with accolades….not arrest or lynching. Rest assured that most are contemplating citizenship of host nations. Do you know why? Because they are more of assets to thjose nations by virtue of enhanced qualifications. When they got out of Zimbabwe they realised what freedom and love is, especially those born in the mid 1980s and later who knew only hatred and violence which still continues unabated as more whites are being murdered in cold blood. Is being white a sin. saying whites must not have land is racism because they are also citizens of the Republic. Education reduces prejudice, but for Zimbabwe Nazi tactics and progroms are used to lynch not only whites but locals who show any sign of progress. If you make a good project ZANU PF youths can come and accuse you of being MDC. If you were never a victim of the ZANU PF camps of violence prior to 2008 you might take this lightly. Impunity is always allowed to reign. As we speak ZANU Pf has not agreed to any national healing, but has remained recalcitrant as murder and ‘short sleeve’ victims continue to suffer because they have been denied access to the law. The impunity is so consistent that you can’t believe what they promise. At your own peril you can believe these people. Do you remember that people’s savings were decimated within months and the middle class vanished and unruly youths and police were put beyond the law or became law unto themselves because of purported party affiliation.What has changed. Can a chameleon change to a permanent colour. those who came back from the diaspora after the ‘unity govt’ have nasty testimonies and regrets. Diasporans should remain put to keep families alive as they are doing. The state has become the foe of its citizens and there is a small group that even dispossesses locals, even of their land and businesses in cities. We consider Moyo Ekhaya’s views poorly meant, insincere, misleading and having intentions to place the hard earned diasporan money in jeopardy. Zimbabwe in its current form is not safe enough for investment. In fact it is highly dangerous and unpredictable (from past experience). There are many abnormal stresses as the economy has been seized by cronies. I think those in Zimbabwe are able to run the economy. What is lacking is policy, sincerity, transparency, good law, Godliness, and respect for others. Leaders have set a bad example as they go on dispossessing the poor from the very top. Continued land grabs against fellow Zimbabweans are being done as we speak by the high and mighty who already have multiple farms. ONLY A STUPID, FOOLISH, BLIND AND DESPERATE PERSON CAN EVEN CONSIDER COMING TO THE UNPREDICTABLE NATION HE/SHE LEFT BEING PURSUED BY SET HOUNDS. KEEP YOUR ZIMBABWE. WE KEEP OUR LIVES. YOU CAN ABUSE THOSE WO ARE THERE. BUT THE EDUCATED ONES ARE already moving out because you decide to make self enriching policies. I could go on and on because I am sngry at this deliberate lack of vision on the part of those who purport to own “Zimbabwe PVT Ltd”. Enjoy, but if you want diaspora and foreign investment you know what to do. We wonder why you are not doing it?

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    Senzachena 4 years

    Well said to you all, why this arrogant dick head (I know him and he is very arrogant!) should have the cheek to try and induce sensible, thinking, honest people to return to his cess pit is beyong belief! MOYO understand that when your geriatric boss is dead, change has come and all Zanu Trash is locked up in Chikurubi, many facing the death sentance, then the Diaspora will come home to help pick up the mess you have left. Zanu Trash

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    JOHNSON 4 years

    What we can do is hop from one nation to another…not coming back in that dark place where murder is legalized and lawlessness abounds. You know what? Other nations NEED our talents. They might feel we dominate their economies but they know if we go back home their own economies will collapse as a result. That is why South Africa does not want stability in Zimbabwe. They need the PhDs, the engineers, the doctors etc. cant you see that? Who cal let go such gold. They are softening citizenship laws for productive manpower. Ceasar Zvayi was in Botswana running away from then economy and because of his good qualifications he got the job. Now Most diasporans have btained higher education thru grants from these democratic hosts. You taught Zimbabweans to be hungry to learn…now believe you me they are becoming more and more educated. You know what the more educated they become the move elusive and fluid they become. They wont return, but change jobs whereever they are, and their brothers join them….brain drain just like rural-urban migration. They are dangerously employed. The more they stay out the more their human and social capital…and the more they can’t tolerate short term enticings to make other people rich. So pliz see what you can do….but I feel its too late and there are too many broken promises. Why don’t you give us policy jobs for a week and see what will happen?

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    JOHNSON 4 years

    Jesus returned to Bethelhem after Herod was gone. So Khaya must go first and the diasporans will come later when it is safe to do so. One must supercede the other. The axe is still being wielded. This is becoming and irritation. At first we became used that we can live here. Home should be a safe place not a place of hunger, torture and Chinizification and Easternization. the Chinese are worse that slave masters. THey must use diamond money to make good the economy

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    rebel 4 years

    if the economic and political environment is conducive then we will come home. Poverty made us leave our beloved country. To Mr Moyo can u resign first with your other comrades and u will see everyone coming back home. The first author said it all, thats the life of a Zimbo living in the Diaspora.

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    elliot 4 years

    If Moyo did not have to make a call for people to go into the diaspora why does he think that he has to make a call for people to come back? Why did he not make a call for people in the diaspora to be allowed to vote. Now he wants the disenfranchised people of the diaspora to come back and do what exactly, in a country with 80% unemployment, and so bad for investment that it is like flushing your money down the drain. We all know that the situation in Zimbabwe currently is getting to be so bad that normal people will in government will resign for failing the electorate but of course there is nothing normal about the likes of Moyo. If you do the right thing Mr Moyo you will see that Zimbabweans will come back on their own and you will be surprised at the level of contribution that they can make to the country that your kind has destroyed

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    JOHNSON 4 years

    Zimbabweans love their country because they were born there. Kurukuvhute and our people are there. BUt we are in EXILE….what does that mean heh? We are either political or economic refugees and politics and economy are Siamese Twins. Hurt one you damage the other. Chinamasa was boasting of Chinese assistance. Now the Chinese say they can give the ZPF pple money for all the minerals. Who is going to be given the Chinese money? Will it filter to the grassroots. Cant the money be given to companies, not govt considering its past record. If the political field changes the Chinese will have to be booted out….That’s for sure. As it is the Chinese are killing our economy, environment etc. W can manage this economy without a single Zhing Zhang. Don’t insult our intelligence. Are we that desperate? Heh Heh Look East! Business is business whether you look west or north and good business is even better. Dont lookn east, look within….Home is best!!

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    former farmer 4 years

    Yes, we want to come home but it must be to what we own or there is no point as without the vibrant agriculture we ( All Zimbabweans)once enjoyed, the country will remain in paralysis.

  • comment-avatar
    open eye 4 years

    The government does not care about the people but we care about our families and Moyo must understand this. I will not come back if it will mean failing to provide for my family.

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    NBS 4 years

    What would they be coming home to. ZPF are truly dorf sometimes!! No repentance! no restoration! ZPF you need to see the light for you are groping around in darkness. may God have mercy on Zimbabwe

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    Sam 4 years

    Those in SA…..

    “”I would have loved to personally see this process (ZDP) to it’s completion””,said the then deputy minister of home affairs before being elected minister of State Enterprises..

    Who is the new minister of home affairs?
    Who was the deputy minister of home affairs when ZDP was initiated?

    He has a bigger broom this time around to satisfy Moyo’s call

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    Phys 4 years

    Oh really Simon Khaya Moyo; does this also apply to Roy Bennett ????

  • comment-avatar
    Mdidi 4 years

    UMoyo bakithi! secabanga njenge Gukurahundi…

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    Moyo you are a fool. You messed the country and your friends and now you want people who you kicked out of Zim to come and clean out your mess. Nonsense enjoy your Zimbabwe with your crew will will come when we feel like coming.

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    Atheist 4 years

    Zanu has exhausted all possible areas to steal from now they have just remembered the diaspora with its perceived monies. Come home to what to be robbed blind and arrested for being successful. Look at the land reform they are even taking away land from the blacks who have dared to use it wisely

  • comment-avatar
    Dhonodzo 4 years