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via Independence Celebration 2014 – President Mugabe no longer fit to officiate April 16, 2014  by Zunde

As we celebrate this year’s independence we remember the struggle for independence itself and the many that did not make it. We are compelled to reflect on how far our national aspirations have progressed. In many of our independence commemorations it has always been about President Mugabe and how he was so magnanimous in liberating us poor souls. Zimbabweans United for Democracy ZUNDE believes that the people liberated themselves and this day was meant for all. ZUNDE respects everyone who made a contribution, no matter how small, and believes that we can finish off from where we left and be finally free.

It is quite sad that we have virtually nothing to show for our independence. For this reason, many of our people no longer celebrate independence but rather, commemorate it. There is nothing to celebrate when the nation is virtually on its knees; not praying but falling down! The only thing worth celebrating is the heroics of those that fought and brought down the Ian Smith racist regime. That is worth celebrating, The young men and women who fought and won a battle in which they were outnumbered, out resourced and outgunned demonstrated that battles are won by resolve more than by resources. ZUNDE is calling for the revival of such resolve, determination and patriotism. If we are united we can defeat this dictatorship that has reduced us to slaves in our own backyard. We can spend eternity mourning about our situation but if we don’t do anything about it we are only sealing our fate in perpetual poverty and shame. The gap between slavery and freedom is called ACTION.

A true celebration is about freely outpouring gratitude. If Zimbabwe was free we would all be eager to be part of giving and not shoving each other into a stadium because not being there is dangerous. If we are free must we be forcing people to close shops and herd them like cattle to listen to the President? If we were free would we be sending the notorious Green Bombers to ensure no one is left behind? My countrymen and women, this is not freedom. Why is it then that we are forced to celebrate freedom? President Mugabe and those who claim to know must explain.

My own reflections are that April 18 1980 was a special day for a freedom fighter. It meant an end to the horrors of war and that one could now go home and reunite with almost lost loved ones. No one was forced to celebrate. It is a day I cannot forget. Every time it comes I am forced to reflect back on what went before it and I almost always remember my good friends Mike Hamadzeropa, Family Man (Doc) and Ndoda Honda who did not make it. I also remember my last section members Chingwa Chaoma, Felix Zvichapera, Tonds Kutota, Otenda, Tafirenyika, Tichafara Magorira, Dzikamai Cha-Hot, Mabhunu Muchapera, Oliver, DK Dunga Kwaks. I also pay tribute to the young lady Theressa Muganda of Chigondo village in Wedza whose bravery and cheerfulness we used to sing about. I salute them because, to me, independence could not have been possible without such ordinary brave men and women who gave everything even though they are not remembered now. Their courage, simplicity and unselfish sacrifices are a perpetual rebuke to President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs. They are the true but unsung heroes of our struggle for independence.

To kick off the commemorations, I would like to ask you President Mugabe to do the nation a favour. On the morning of 18 April as you put on your many medals could you please just promise to look around as they drive you through the streets to the National Sports Stadium. Listen carefully when they start to call you commander of everything – state, government, armed forces, Zanu PF etc. Ask Mr Charamba what all this really means. If you allow him to tell you the truth he will tell you that it means you are responsible for whatever has become of all these institutions! Yes they are saying to the world that you commanded and drove the country, the state, the army and Zanu PF to where it is now – completely broken. They take you as a joke Mr President. Just remember how they made you lie to the Chiefs about the diamond cheques. Had they any respect for you they would not have abused you to this extent. You are just an ATM machine to them.

Mr President, as you approach National Sports Stadium, please judge for yourself if you like what you see and announce the conclusion before your official speech. Tell the people you like what you saw; the unemployed youth mingling hopelessly in the streets, the empty dilapidated hospitals, the filthy streets, the smell from stagnant and blocked sewers, the starving human skeletons standing on the roadsides to the stadium and required to smile and wave at you. Just ask yourself why your security details are agitated and on the edge; aren’t you among your people and isn’t it freedom day! What are you scared of?

President Mugabe you have betrayed the struggle to the extent that celebrating independence with you is difficult without implying approval of your evil. Many people are reluctant to celebrate with you not because they don’t want to be free, but that they find it repugnant to stand in the same big tent with you and your evil men and women. It is very difficult for someone whose parents were butchered during Gukurahundi, whose only shelter was razzed to the ground during Murambatsvina and whose sisters were raped during Mugabe’s 2008 Mavhoterapapi election violence to stand in the same tent with you and your team. Only without conscience can someone whose farm was violently taken away give support to Mugabe’s evil. Unless without conscience will anyone who has seen their business wilting under the scourge of Zanu PF and its corruption support any event superintended over by you and these evil men and women around you.

It is ironic that independence is celebrated more by the hangers on than by the very people who fought for it. President Mugabe you must respect the sacredness of our people and their history by excusing yourself from this year’s independence celebrations. That you cannot officiate; especially give the key note speech, over anything to do with freedom is no longer debatable. This is because you, in connivance with reactionary elements in the military and mercenary reactionaries in the Zanu PF junta, have demonstrated beyond doubt that you were and is a hyena in sheep’s clothing. We revered you but you betrayed us.

One thing that hurts us much more is that new hyenas, donning seemingly democracy credentials, are taking advantage of what has remained of us. Some of them have slept with Zanu PF and now they pretend they did not enjoy the night. Last year before the elections they were telling us that their marriage with Zanu PF was not working and now they are calling for a second marriage with the same Zanu PF. They didn’t really want to divorce Zanu PF for they considered it a hardworking husband good at milking the innocent sheep. Some of them had the privilege of driving the pro-democracy movement and, adamantly and chanting there was no other way, crushed the pro-democracy movement into the GNU ditch. They see nothing wrong with that and are now talking of a grand coalition. Haven’t we been saying this since July 31st and nobody listened? What has changed?

At ZUNDE we are saying Zanu PF has no future for our nation. Mugabe can rant all day at National Sports Stadium but we know what awaits us outside the stadium; hunger and violence. We are warning the people that there are many false prophets out there looking for whom they may devour. ZUNDE’s ideas are sacred; they don’t work with an evil heart. Don’t fall for their long speeches and numerous media articles. Some of them are deliberately created and funded by Zanu PF and CIO to paralyse ZUNDE. They can try but they won’t succeed. We may die but more will survive and see and experience freedom.

As for the people of Zimbabwe, our message is that freedom is not cheap. If we want it we go get it! We are slaves because we love freedom less. But hope is beckoning; ZUNDE will deliver us from this bottomless pit dug by Mugabe and his Zanu PF leadership. The time has come that we reclaim our freedom, dignity and humanity. My fellow countrymen and women, let not your hearts be troubled; our true independence day is coming. ZUNDE is now home and working with you on the ground.

To our people and all the genuine freedom fighters I say “Happy Independence Day – may it NOW be as we wished. We did our part and we meant it. Although now shamefully betrayed by our former commanders, we were loyal and pure in heart. Comrades, wipe off your tears and join with our people, dust your feet and answer the call. The fight for real freedom has now resumed”.

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31 comments on “#mugabe no longer fit to officiate
  1. The Mind Boggles says:

    I remember once talking to an elderly gentlemen in the rural area’s one independence weekend a few years back and reminding him it was/is a time to celebrate freedom. His reply “what is freedom without bread”

    • Don Cox says:

      Independence and freedom are completely different things.

      North Korea has independence but not freedom. Texas has freedom but not independence. Australia has both. Tibet has neither.

  2. NBS says:

    Mugabe became unfit to officiate from the moment he spearheaded the bloodshed in Matabeleland/masvingo. We were just all to goo goo and ga ga after Independence to see it. We should have woken up a long, long time ago.

  3. MikeH says:

    Lets face it, mugabe like all terrorists was not fit for purpose from the very start.

  4. apolitical says:

    zunde have a problem because there is no one in MDC OR ZUNDE able to officiate either so not only is he the best available he is the only one available.

    • John Thomas says:

      Mugabe is the only one daft enough not to feel shame at what he has done

    • easily fooled says:

      Vote Apolitical for president. Hunoenderwa kuchikoro chipi hu president hwacho? If every man can lead a family then he can lead a family. Every man who is able to lead his family under these difficult conditions created by Mugabe can do much better should he take over. Ko kunenge kwave kumateru, remember what bob did when he took over from the unpopular smith, he became so popular. If Morgan can ever become a hero, he must rule soon after the oldman

    • Ruramai says:

      apolitical, the fact that a 90 year old who has ruled for 34 years believes there is no one who can carry out a task as menial as officiating at an Independence Day commemoration shows the man is a monumental failure. Imagine if companies operated that way…they would all die. But then again, I don’t expect you to realise you are loyal to the world’s worst performing president.

      • NBS says:

        Apol an interesting story for you. Some years back I used to be involved in counselling. One day a man came to my home and as usual we went through all sorts of things. He had fought in the liberation war; had been incarcerated for a time with some of the leaders and knew many like Ndabaningi Sithole. He also knew Herbert Chitepo. When we got to the forgiveness part he told me there was one lingering unforgiveness in his heart against one man. I thought he was going to say, “Ian Smith,” and you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said Robert Mugabe. He told me that when it was announced on 18 April 1980 that Mugabe had ‘won???’ and was to become Prime minister he turned to his compatriots and said these words, “Today Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs.” Food for thought!

    • NBS says:

      What exactly is Bob officiating over? And so you, Apol, are correct and 14 million Zimbo’s wrong or is Zim utter destruction, suffering, poverty and unhappiness all just a figment of 14 million minds?

    • Parangeta says:

      Officiate! Anyone can Officiate, all it means, is to run the Show.

      M’Garbage is disqualified as he is a murderer, thief, liar and stupid.
      M’Garbage had blood on his hands, so cannot Officiate.

      The only people that want him there are people like apolitical,
      and the other gang of boot-lickers and azz-wipers!

    • Zvichanaka says:

      apolitical…you are a fool indeed.

  5. Petal says:

    The point has been missed he has a loud mouth when anyone goes against him

  6. Roving Eagle says:

    Finally people telling it like it is. Thanks a million Zunde you are a beacon of hope.

  7. John Thomas says:

    This article has a good mature tone to it. Some honesty is much appreciated

  8. johann says:

    It has been recorded, Mugabe and his boys killed innocent missionaries and anybody regardless of their skin colour long before independence. When questioned by reporters on these atrocities he excused himself by saying that his “boys sometimes got out of hand” or something to that effect. The man was bad before he came into power in 1980. In 1980 the population was so desperate for peace, Mugabe threatened that if he didn’t get the power then the civil war would continue, the native people were effectively coerced/intimidated into voting for him for the sake of peace for they knew they would suffer at his hands worse than the Europeans if he didn’t get into power. The Europeans were generally insulated/protected against his thuggery whereas the peasants out in the rural areas were prone to his boys excesses. The same conditions apply to this day therefore don’t go against Zpf because blood will flow and it won’t be predominantly white blood.

  9. Littledorrit says:

    Identify yourself ZUNDE – names, addresses – have the courage to reveal who you are; to stand publically by your principles with steadfast faith

  10. DW says:

    Mugabe has a wonderful opportunity to finally, finally do something statesmanlike and that would be to admit failure and announce a fully independent and democratic election process. The world would then finally applaud his leadership.I won’t hold my breath and will expect more west bashing and blaming sanctions….again.Shame.

  11. “The only thing worth celebrating is the heroics of those that fought and brought down the Ian Smith racist regime. That is worth celebrating, “. Will we celebrate the Robert Mugabe racist regime when it goes down??

  12. LUCY says:

    I dont think RGM reflects at all. He has no clue where the country was in 1980 and where it is at now. He will not take responsibility for anything.Instead when he gets onto that podium he will tell the same old stories, blame everybody left right and centre, crack a few lame jokes at the expense of Gays, the West and possibly the Nigerians.
    Mugabe must just go!

  13. easily fooled says:

    Zunde yekwa Prof Moyo….remember Baba Jukwa, Nathaniel Manheru and now Zunde

  14. Petal says:


  15. japananga says:

    I am watching this space. More and more articles are calling for action and i am relieved that the cry babies now realise that the only way is to get the bull by its horn. And…i see the light at the end. This is the way and i am joining any action. Kusi kufa ndekupi? Ndodawo kuita national hero…

  16. Smart Talk says:

    Most boring part about Zimbabweans is that munongogona kuhukura muri muma bedrooms enyu without any action. Zvino chinja chii izvozvi? MaCIO ake vanaApolitical havatombo muudzi kuti vanhu vari kuti zvakati paInternet that is why you see them writing a lot of rubbish. Iye anenge achitoti atoshanda ipapo nekuzama kutaura matuzvi aanotaura iwaya. Navowo baba ava vane humbimbindoga husingaite zvese nemhuri yavo. Dai mudzimai wake achiri mupenyu zvinhu zvingadayi zvisiri sezvazvirri. Tingadayi tiri kutongwa nemumwe munhu kana nerimwe bato. Just imagine how he boycotted the SUMMIT and declared that no one from Zim will attend that meeting and people still feel he is a capable leader. Just imagine, already zvimbwanana zvake vana DIESEL zvakutotanga kuhukurira kuti paCongress nyaya ye succession haitaurwe, zvinorevei, if you consider yourselves DEMOCRATIC. Noone will say anything because the moment you say it vafa. Why not using a secret ballot if you want to know what people think about this skeleton.

  17. JOHNSON says:


  18. Littledorrit says:

    Thank you Ruramai and Muto. Have looked at the website. Cannot find a Zim office – can you help?

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