Questions surround truth about Robert Mugabe’s health

via Questions surround truth about Robert Mugabe’s health | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda  January 14, 2014

If you visit social media platforms these days you’ll see a flurry of postings on President Robert Mugabe, with anxious Zimbabweans wanting to know his state of health following reports he is unwell.

Many are asking if Mugabe, who turns 90 next month is still fit enough to continue as Head of State six months after his ZANU PF party won the elections that are being disputed by the opposition.

Journalists have tried to sort out fact from rumour, but they got no help from the government who offered a vague assurance that the country’s long time leader was back home from the Far East, “but he is still on holiday until the end of January.”

Mugabe annually goes on leave for a full month but this time he was away for two weeks. The state media has a habit of covering all his return trips from official and private journeys at the Harare international airport.

This time, they did not. Instead they only carried a story that he had returned. Disastrously, an old photo of Mugabe from a year ago was used this time around, with the caption giving the impression it was taken at the airport on his return from his trip.

More intriguing was George Charamba’s statement that Mugabe will still be on leave until the end of the month, with no mention of the reports of his reported ill-health. ZANU PF has previously robustly denied any reports that its leader is sick. But this time around there has been silence.

Political analyst Gideon Chitanga said it could be that Mugabe has instructed his handlers not to say anything on his health as that is his private business. He also speculated that it might be that nobody has the ‘guts’ to speak about the health issues without seeking clearance from the ageing leader.

As the news blackout continues, so does the speculation over whether Mugabe is sick or not. Without any statement from the government the public is enduring endless rumors and counter rumours emanating from political interest groups.

Chitanga added that at this point the issue is neither about a single individual or a single party, nor even about political differences.

“This is about ZANU PF’s lack of culture of accountability and transparency. It is disconcerting that weeks after Mugabe vanished from public view, Zimbabweans still have no answers as to how long he will remain absent,” said Chitanga.

Political observer Mutsa Murenje waded into discussion and asked why officials find it acceptable to continue to keep the public in perpetual darkness.

“If the country is governed by its constitution, the current secrecy makes no sense. The government is obligated to answer these questions: Where is Mugabe? What is the nature of his illness? When should the public expect him back? The public needs to know,” Murenje said.

He added that in these uncertain times, the continuing lack of accurate information is dangerous. Zimbabweans cannot afford to gamble the future of the country with rumors and counter rumors.

“It is high time the ruling party level with the Zimbabwean people and be forthcoming about the exact status of the country’s leader as he is the first citizen,” he said.


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25 comments on “Questions surround truth about Robert Mugabe’s health
  1. Angela Wigmore says:

    Could it be that he is already embalmed and on ice, as Mr Mandela almost certainly was, until such time as Zanu get to grips with their crisis and decide how to deal with the situation? After all, they have to somehow prevent a nationwide eruption of joyous celebration!

  2. They are all dead scared. Excuse the intended pun. A den of iniquity last kicks of a dying cabal of criminal terrorists

  3. mutakura says:

    You editors of zim situation, why do you have such a low opinion of your readers? All you do is to get a copy of the herald and give us that. Most of your articles are from the herald. You amaze me. Am very disappointed

    • Freedom Rusununguko says:

      Thats what I have been wondering. Why all the Herald articles? We turned to Zimsit to get away from the vitriol and hate of government controlled media.

  4. supermondo says:

    this worthless man is responsible for so much anguish he has put upon innocent people to suffer ,so suffer well you thieving lying evil excuse for a human being.

  5. tonyme says:

    Zimbabwe is a very important country and so are all Zimbabweans. The security of Zimbabwe is contingent upon the leadership. When leaders can not account for their whereabouts then the country is in danger. The health of any leader in a country is a national business. If the president wants his well being to be a personal business then he needs to abdicate from the leadership role. Being a president is not a favor being done to the county. Humbleness calls transparency and full disclosure as to the leader’s health and whereabouts.Zimbabwe deserves better at all costs regardless of who is in power. National security deserves that all leaders disclose of their availability to lead and advise.

  6. passenger 23 says:

    if they cant simply disclose the whereabouts and health of the president what about really serious issues such as diamond money

  7. NBS says:

    Who was it that said a long time ago that Zimbabweans are like mushrooms: Kept in the dark and fed you know what! Quite frankly I am sick of ZPF’s antics. They must either be prepared to change completely and be part of a nation or they must step down and get out of the way. I feel like I have had a gun held to my head for decades: a nation held to ransome! I want an accountable and trustworthy government and a President I can call my own who is godly and a nation builder and a man of peace. Not one who arrogantly says he has degrees in violence and every time he stands up words of hate and destruction pour out of his mouth. I do not wish him evil only that he will be stricken of heart and repent.

  8. Kusvikazvanaka says:

    Sick or not sick the long and short of it is Robert is too old to run as a president of Zimbabwe. Zvinotonyadzisa kuti a 90 year old idiot is the head of a state.

  9. zim4u says:

    The truth will always come out karikurwara kamudhara aka what do you expect @ 90 ivo anamutasa kusanyara kutaura zvisina basa hee mugaabe achatonga till ane 100 year isimbi here even can get rust what worries me is zanu is an old school which should be on retirement by now but ne nyaya dzehugreedness & crime of killing others is forcing these guys to die in office mabasa amakaita are making them to be ignorant like this mwari achapindira chete

  10. Saddened says:

    Not doing a good job at trying to rig his absence!!

  11. William Doctor says:

    He’s finished. Ha ha. Now the zanu morons are in trouble.

  12. cde mabhunu says:

    what other statement do you cowards want. Cde Charamba told you that the head of state is strong, so what other info do u fools want. His excellency won the mandate to govern until 2018.

    • William Doctor says:

      @ cde mabhunu

      Who are the cowards comrade? The people who have stolen the last 3 elections – or the people brave enough to stand up to them?

  13. Gudge says:

    Y e old fotos media ha!! Ur camera s froze wen saw him on a stretcher,,,,state media ma foot!!

  14. Mdidi says:

    kanti mamshona akhalelani ngomuntu wabo. thina asilandaba lakho lokhu silinde nje ukuthi kufe sijabule, sisine, sigiye, sidle sincinde.

  15. clever says:

    everyone will die so there is reason for pple to be happy for the death of the almighty gabriel

  16. NBS says:

    His excellency won no mandate. I know that. They know that! The region know that! And the world knows that. What a sad sorry lie Zimbabwe has become. May God have mercy on us!

  17. I am not the one! says:

    Bob is on Undercover Boss Zimbabwe.. presently on Kariba working on a kapenta rig!!

  18. TM says:

    We will know the truth on the 21st of February. If they is no big birthday party like he normally does . Then we will know he is not well or has kicked the bucket

  19. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    Where is the minister of information in all this? Was an editor not sent on forced leave for writing what was purported to be a falsehood against Gono? Which falsehood matters to the nation, a false picture of arrival of the president or the Gono issue?

  20. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    Dead or dying, he certainly is not dying with honour that that he so craved.

  21. Khaya'bonina says:

    He can die , but he will never be buried with our beloved country .

  22. Bona says:

    Our dear leader has lost his tradition to address the nation on airport Tarmac from holiday. Something fish is happening here woooo

  23. easily fooled says:

    That explains the pres powers on sea piracy, so that pirators will not deter the mugabe body as it will be sailed home from Singapore. Perhaps more money is needed to upgrate the Heroes Acre before he is burried, hence the penalties on externalising funds will stop funds flow, thanks to presidential powers executed by acting president George Charamba

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