Zanu is wasted but MDC-T is no alternative

via Zanu is wasted but MDC-T is no alternative | The Zimbabwean 05.03.14 by Laiton Kandawire

To push Robert Mugabe into another term in office beyond his current tenure would be punishment, self-imposed or otherwise. There is basically nothing new Zimbabwe can expect him to offer. It would be ingratitude of the worst kind for his party to even propose his name for the position of president of the party or country. The man has played his role and now deserves retirement.

With recent media reports, one wonders which of the potential pretenders to the throne will be spared if a proper clean-up, as expected, were to be implemented. With this perspective in mind, we can appreciate vice-president Joice Mujuru’s recent reported remarks on the media’s onslaught on corruption.

The onslaught could be very damaging; leaving Zanu (PF) without a viable replacement for Mugabe. It could also close the doors to funding and the conduits for that funding. With trusted lieutenants out of the way, new recruits might not perform to expectation. It’s clear to see why this exposé might have far-reaching implications for the ruling party if not properly managed.

A closer analysis will reveal that it is not only Mugabe who is beyond retirement age. Most of his close associates should actually have followed Nathan Shamuyarira’s lead and retired from active politics years ago. Their continued occupation of strategic positions, their non-performance and the palpable corruption under their watch will all come back to haunt Zanu (PF) in 2018.

In light of what is happening in both the party and the government, one would have expected a viable opposition to take advantage and champion, or at least appear to be, championing the people’s cause. But, alas, there is no viable opposition in Zimbabwean politics post July 31, 2013.

That landslide defeat, Nikuv-inspired or not, must have stunned the entire opposition and their sponsors, leaving them to lick their wounds. In other circumstances, that defeat should have angered the losers, made them more vigilant and, more importantly, should have brought them together. Instead, suspicion crept in.

Zanu (PF), not content with the mere defeat of the MDC-T, and probably aiming for total annihilation, went for its leadership, sowing seeds of discontent, discrediting it and dividing it even further. In no time, the already compromised Morgan Tsvangirai was besieged with marital issues that ended in Zanu (PF) strategist, Jonathan Moyo, urging him to offer a “state of his bedroom address” instead of a state of the nation address. That is damaging, even to a thick-skinned man.

With his marriage troubles playing into the Zanu (PF) choreography, his unfortunate valuing of tea-times with Mugabe instead of attending to pertinent issues during the GNU’s tenure and his alleged abuse of party funds all coming to the fore at a crucial time, it would be deleterious political naivety to claim that Morgan Tsvangirai is not compromised as a party leader. This is not to say that he cannot lead his party; the challenge is whether he can lead his party to victory over Zanu (PF).

My contention is that, as presently constituted, the MDC-T leadership cannot even pose a lame threat to Zanu (PF), necessitating an elective congress prior to the set 2016 date to sort out this mess. 2016 is too late, seeing the way the party has allowed itself to be divided.

If a decision to retain Tsvangirai as president of the party is adopted, it should then be supported fully by all members. If it is decided that he be replaced, then the new leader needs time to meet the grassroots and stamp his authority on a party that is proving to be difficult to control. Either way, the decision must be taken earlier than 2016. If a breakaway faction is to emerge, let it emerge sooner rather than later.

Beyond 2016, the situation will have changed dramatically. The time to prepare and make headway is now. 2018, without Mugabe, is a different ballgame and only the prepared will profit from it. 2018 with an even older Mugabe still offers a good chance to the prepared. So, go ahead and prepare.


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25 comments on “Zanu is wasted but MDC-T is no alternative
  1. jay c says:

    It is surprising that someone is already campaigning for ZANU pf. We are in March 2014 and not March 2018! By the time we get to 2018, who knows how many of ZANU pf will still be around to offer MDC-T a meaningful challenge. It is sad that you forget that ZANU pf wins elections by cheating and next time who knows whether they will be around to do it again.

  2. tino says:

    Who said MDC is divided? We have people who aspire to be leaders,but they don’t have any backing. Even in ZANU almost every member wants to lead, but they don’t have backing and are not allowed to openly say it.To say MDC is divided because of one or two elements who overestimated their non existent support is a fallacy.The message from grassroots is loud and clear.Either you support Tsvangirai or ship out.MDC will never be hoodwinked by theorists who read books and think such and such a formula can make them favourites among the masses.Mabhuku pane paanotangira achigumira.These so called intellectuals must start counting their days.If they are to survive, they need to convince grassroots that it was a mistake to call for Tsvangirai to go.Whats the difference between them and ZANU PW who are so desperate for Morgan to go?
    People who call themselves cadres in the diaspora are not in touch with reality.They left home when torture was rampant, now its worse.People are secretly killed,thrown into dams.If Mazowe dam could talk, it was going to tell you a story,Only God knows how many bodies buried there in iron coffins.We will never abort our leadership because ZANU PF elements desire so.It is time to root out rotten potatoes, they will go the Munyaradzi Gwisai way.To those who love real democracy,we will rally behind our current leadership but support is not guaranteed at the congress.Those who seem concerned must tell us why one person must go when the entire leadership strategized the elections together, though its crystal clear that some decampaigned the party.And it has quensequences.

  3. Talking about cadres in the Diaspora, what do you know, really? ZUNDE is a movement of cadres who are clean and are untainted with what we have seen both in ZANU PF and MDC. ZUNDE is on the ground in Zimbabwe. When the time comes you will see them in full force. Do not claim to know what you do not know. When Zimbabwe was liberated, was it not the people in the Diaspora who did it. ZANU PF were based outside and the people who took over government came from all over the world. ZANLA were just fighters fighting a war. For your information education does not make us intellectuals who are out of touch with reality. We learn from our experiences and those of others. If you dont, you get lost and that is how MDC got lost when it was given a taste of government. Even the world is condemning the MDC for basic things like violence and leadership renewal. You should be ashamed of supporting a party that has outlived its usefulness. They were good once but when Tswangirai went after every woman with a dress instead of working hard to dislodge ZANU PF, you showed cracks in your leadership. We are waitng for ZUNDE. They will bring us hope and real freedom. We know who they are and we love and support them.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Whatever you call yourself. Be remiminded that people want Tsvangurayi. Simple

    • Sendeke says:

      Muto Wagwamba, you make some outrageous claims without substantiating them, anybody can do that.
      Who exactly is in Zunde apart from the less than hundred people listed on the website?
      Zunde is on the ground in Zim? Could you please explain what you mean by this claim. I haven’t seen any evidence that Zunde is on the ground in Zim, I haven’t seen anybody from its leadership even at times when I expected at least someone from Zunde to even address a press conference in Zim.
      Why is the Internal leadership page on the website empty? I expected to see leaders there from across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe.
      People need real alternatives and not virtual ones.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      PS Mr Mutowagwamba democratically you are well come to come up with your Zunde project but let me remind you that you are just wasting your time. The Zim people riight are behind MDC T and nothing will stop us from rallying behind Tsvangirayi. Your language shows that you are ZANU PF extention who is being used to kill off MDC T from another direction. Its very unfortunate if you because people will never be woidwinked by your nefarious designs to dismanke MDC T. Sorry maningi. But its a nice try

    • Gutu says:

      Wagwamba nebrain shuwa!

  4. Rangarirai says:

    I wouldn’t waste my time with this uninformed person called tino. He/she must go back to school before engaging the world on this forum. What is “quensequences”???

  5. with what I read in the pro Zanupf press today about “Cde. Temba Mliswa calls on Mpofu to account for his wealth”, I tell you Zanupf has already won the 2018 elections. If they get rid of looters who hide behind Bob’s name and terrorise their own people claiming that they are “sons” of Mugabe, then obviously the people will then choose them without NIKUV. People have eyes to see. MDC-T supporters have proved that they are not fighting for democracy but for their own pockets. No one can have confidence in a party whose youth assault one of their leaders and they get away with it. It looks like Tswangirai can be worse than Mugabe as a dictator. The MDC-T has to convince people that it is indeed a democratic movement. At the moment truly and objectively they are thugs with no direction whether this is Zanupf infltration or whatever. The party must clean this dirty image.

  6. Jairosi says:

    Did anybody say that ZUNDE is going to shut down MDC-T or any other party or movement? Why do I hear people screaming? Isn’t it good for democracy to have multiplicity? When did Zimbabweans ever agree that MDC-T & Tsvangirai must be the only fighters for democracy? I’m slowly beginning to think that ZUNDE has something to offer, hence, some people can’t spend a day without making reference to this new kid on the bloc. Ever heard about ZAPU, Mavambo, NCA? Why ZUNDE, ZUNDE, ZUNDE all the time?

  7. Mprang says:

    For the meantime Tsvangirai shoul put a temporary leader like Dr Simba Makoni to call back all broken away factions including Welshman and the Madhuku. Then later 2016 there wil be congress as 1 opposition

  8. Roving Ambassador says:

    The cult leadership, MDC is a clone of Zanu. Some people are just blind followers. Mugabe can not get rid of corruption within his party ,he must vamoose. Tsvangirai was Wood winked by Mudede his employee, He must vamoose. The fish rot from the head simples.

  9. NBS says:

    No repentance! No restoration! This is God’s word for Zimbabwe. We all need to repent for Zimbabwe has become a disgraceful and sinful nation

  10. NBS says:

    We must not trust in any man but only in the Lord himself. may he raise up a leader after His own heart. Man has failed!

  11. Tongoona says:

    Surprising that some people think there is an opposition politics-vacuum when one discounts MDC-T from the ball game. It is a false impression to assume so because participants in opposition politics know there are other competitive opposition parties like ZOOPP (Zimbabwe Organised Open Political Party). ZUNDE and other small opposition parties are ZANU PF proxies. ZOOPP is stand alone party.

  12. Reader says:

    you see guys, I am deciding now as a Zimbabwean living in Zimbabwe today, what will happen in 2018. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, we don’t have a leader, we don’t have a party on the ground except for the PF, so they wont get my vote, but who to vote for, the opposition i don’t care who, you should be out here amongst us NOW, show us you are worthy of our vote, or will you only try to get it at election time. Save was the choice but where is he we don’t see him but Mugarbage is on TV daily, already campaigning.

    come on all you parties that think you can bring Zimbabwe to where it should be in the world and prove to us the VOTERS that you are worthy of our vote starting now,
    stop cowering behind closed doors the vote was STOLEN, Taken away or whatever devious way it was lost to the people of zimbabwe.

    now is the time strike now to change the way we live in poverty, strike now to ensure you get our votes, we want to see you on the ground mingling with us, sharing our fires in the rural areas, sharing our food and your food together as a family. You are not there because you are better but because we put you there, you cannot do this on your own you need us.

    MDC-T, ZUNDE, MDC, Zanu Ndonga, Zapu, Simba, Mutambara plenty of you but, no-one joining us No-one leading us instead we here your bickering.

    Remember a person that does not vote because they have no-one to vote for is a lost vote and they party uses thatto say they have one.
    Guys if any politiacian reads this think when last did you sit with the people and listened to what they say, you flashy car, your security personel, your clothes and your dicatorial attitude towards us the voters chases us away. WE will VOTE you in, We PAY you wages, We can chase you out.



  13. I am surprised with the writer of the above article. The Zimbawean situation has nothing to do with the MDC leadership.It is all about who controls the apparatus of the government. Zimbawean elections are a joke. Mugabe and his guards have said it plainly that they are not going to let the country go withouta war.Those guys are determined to do anything in their means so that they canccontinue to rule a bank rupt country.

  14. Chimoto says:

    Rangarirai,what school do you mean Tino must go? You are the theorists he is talking about.If he can read and write then he went to school, unless schooling is defined by thinking the way you want him to think.Convince him.From the readers all would agree Tino is on the ground.He has mentioned stories in Mudzi, Dnde which are real.So wake up and accept otheres might be well informed than you.

  15. Laiton Kandawire is entitled to his own views as are we all. I personally still find the biggest opposition the only solution at this time and point. Zanu pf has plundered and toned up the situation for violence as is apparent when the Police beat up women who are doing peaceful protests and giving out flowers, preaching love and peace.The Zunde development is a welcome development which any democratically minded person must not condemn. As I have said we wait and see what they have to offer. A lot of people have left the main fire which is raging to try to extinguish the smoke they see in the distance. Truth of the matter MDC’s current strife is not the cause of what is taking place in the country. Zanu pf have the machinery in this country to put ant political party in disarray. We seen the antiques of Lovemore Maduka prior to and during the elections. Had he not changed his tune and thrown support behind his nemesis? The Robotics Professor and many more are proof of what Zanu is capable of. At the moment they would like to do to the MDC what they done to ZUM and others. That is to wipe them off the face of the earth. The only problem they have now is that they in disarray themselves with a 9 year old leader and many little factions. The opposition need to tone down their situation and regroup. They have been compromised by the machinations of Zanu pf. We as voters of future elections need to respect each others opinions and not fight each other because we have different opinions. You have seen the utterances of others on this forum that they are Government who are monitoring this site. When they get an inkling that there is a problem al of a sudden they are there by the dozen. When Zanu is exposed they creep back into their holes. For me they to are welcome to contribute because the more they open their mouths they meet up with some of the best ARMCHAIR ANNALISTS as someone once referred to us.

  16. Mprang says:

    MDC T dont be too much selfish, last time some of you were happy when welshman went out because you occupied the positions, DO YOU SEE THAT ONLY A UNITED FRONT CAN ONLY REMOVE BAD ZANU PF SYSTEMS. ****Dr Simba Makoni** is a leader of decent character and he is clean, he made the first support to tsvangirai 2013. Welshman, Madhuku, Sikhala will not come back when Tsvangirai is the leader. It is a clear sign that you will NOT win 2018 without one united opposition!!!!!

  17. jiji says:

    Rangarirai you must not just waffle saying you wont listen to Tino.So what do you want on this page?Tino is a better cadre, fow whatever he stands for is firm and will never beat about the bush unlike you agents of ZANU. If Tino can read and write,any sensible person can say he went to school.Which school does he need?Or schooling is defined by your shallow brain of believing you? It is better to die for an idea that you cherish, than to be led by people who are ambivalent.Say your views then the forum can debate, unless you are a CIO , who truly sink people in Mazowe, Mazvikadei dams.I ake off my hat to Tino for always supporting his party unashamedly.

  18. Godongs says:

    Zanu PF is not wasted, Zanu PF is the proverbial big snake; old, frail but stil packed with lethal venon and patiently shedding its old skin;

    Wen the renewal is complete, the snake shall find its mojo, its venom forever stronger against the quislings of Capital. Zimbabwe shall not only be an african jewel but the King of Africa.

    The shedding of skin by such a collosal old snake might seem slow to the fickle minded but there s no doubt it is happening and wen the shedding is complete, the real Zanu PF will rise again to its original greatness.

    Meanwhile, political prophets foresee that the T on MDC might change to a B. It is still uncertain who the B stands for betwn Beatrice or Biti.

    Bayethe Mzilikazi.

  19. yoyo says:

    Sikhala, Ncube and Madhuku? It shows some people do not follow events, they are guided by their emotions.What is there to gain from Ncube and Sikhala?It shows Mprang doesn’t know Madhuku.Ask Church of Christ elders how he has divided the church

  20. jobolinko says:


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