Zanu PF lost at sea on the economy

via Zanu PF lost at sea on the economy – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 11, 2014 by Rashweat Mukundu

So while the media, citizens’ and government’s focus has been fixated on the ongoing corruption scandals, the Zanu PF government needs to address this matter as one among many issues that need urgent attention.

So far Zanu PF is as clueless as the rest of us. The post-July 31 elections have resulted in a decline in economic confidence with as many companies closing and others scaling down.

What is also glaring post-July 31 is the lack of economic leadership beyond the cries over the little funds in State coffers, unfulfilled promises to increase civil servants’ salaries as well as continued confusion on Zanu PF’s economic policy.

One gets a sense that each ministry — from Mines, Tourism, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce and Energy — is a separate entity running its own affairs in the absence of a strategy. There is absolutely no meeting of minds between Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and Agriculture minister Joseph Made.

How will the winter crop be financed, as an example? How will our insufficient energy be distributed to cater for winter farming? Are farmers interested and preparing for winter farming adequately informed and resourced to prepare and execute their farming plans?

There appears to be no talking going on between Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa on the mining receipts and how Treasury would benefit from mining. This dearth of information is partly blamed on Zanu PF modus operandi characterised more by secrecy and surprises.

Economic policy that affects society is designed in secrecy and the effects, be they positive or negative, are what we see and feel. The Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) which should guide Zanu PF on its economic decisions appears more of a public relations document, more to hoist at the face of citizens and the international community yet there appears to be no reference or utilisation of same on the ground.

Nothing demonstrates this than the discord and divisions within Zanu PF on how to tackle corruption, which in itself is key if
ZimAsset is to succeed.

How does, as an example, the indigenisation policy correspond with the deep diamond mining policy that the Mines ministry is now talking of? This after the theft of alluvial diamonds by the so-called mining companies who are essentially legalised amakorokoza (panners).

One cannot, but notice the leadership crisis as President Robert Mugabe has not defined or talked about the economy in any detailed manner apart from broad policy statements on indigenisation and empowerment made at public rallies and funerals. The economic policy pronouncements by the President have not been made in reference to deliverables; that is, what is it that we should expect Zanu PF to deliver and within what period? Economic policy is talked of by the President in terms of aspirations, and in some instances dreams that Zanu PF has of where we should be in the future.

Unfortunately, society lives for both the present and the future, and those without jobs, those failing to feed their families and send children to school cannot wait for some potential mine or company to take care of their immediate needs.

Zanu PF, right from the President, has skirted detailed economic policy discussion more so on deliverables and timeframes. For this reason almost every other minister is harping on what they see as the urgent issue even as they may have no ideas on what needs to be done. The generality of society is in the dark on where the economy or whatever is left of it is headed. There is no confidence within the Zanu PF leadership on this matter, but more of despondency and desperation, we hear more of sad stories than solutions.

Coming back to Mugabe, there is no doubt that he is firmly politically entrenched after July 31, and while his power is secure, he needs advice and a reminder that he is a 90-year-old man.

No one expects him to have a sharp mind as he had in 1980. He needs to begin to let go, more so on the economic policy decisions and implementation. He has, by his own admission, accepted, that he is being lied to and has gone public with untrue statements, more notable the Godwills Masimirembwa bribery story. One can ask what more is the President missing, being misled or all lied to? Does he still have the stamina to monitor the goings-on in all ministries and other sectors?

It is time for Mugabe and Zanu PF to set up a lead team on the economy, probably made up of government economic ministries that includes agriculture, mining, industry and commerce, infused with some of our best brains from the private sector and civil society.

The mark of a confident political leadership is in its power to accept mistakes as well as willingness to engage and seek help. With senior government leaders and ministries distracted by internal party and leadership contests, Zanu PF is not in a position to extricate this economy. More importantly, no one in Zanu PF is prepared to talk truth to power, that is tell the President the truth on our desperate existence.

While he has all the advisers, and travels the same roads as the rest from time to time, Mugabe is probably not aware that as many of the traffic lights do not work because of electricity shortages, he does not stop at traffic lights.

He does not drive an ex-Jap to feel the potholes, and is treated in Singapore and not Harare Central Hospital. The reality is what his advisers tell him, yet they are afraid of saying the truth, but to sing praises to him as we saw in Marondera at his birthday celebration. In many respects, Zimbabwe is on auto pilot, with as many in our society and the leadership simply fighting for survival by whatever means.

Rashweat Mukundu is a Zimbabwean journalist. He can be reached on

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25 comments on “Zanu PF lost at sea on the economy
  1. Even during the squatter problem in Railway Avenue Bulawayo these people were hiding the situation on the ground. They did not care about the tourist jumping off the train see this. It was only when President Mugabe visited NRZ that this was cleared. At that time the President had his full faculties. They make speeches and nothing else. Why would anyone in their proper senses give a failure like Made a Cabinet post defeats the mind. Chinotimba a Member of parliament? Don’t hold your breath that anything meaningful will happen with this group. There is no excuse about Mugabe being too old. The only time he excelled was in the early 80′s with education. Even then he was using the wealth created by the Smith regime.

  2. Tongoona says:

    If Mugabe doesn’t want to be lied to and if he wants the truth, he must liaise with stand alone opposition parties. Relying on his team recycled for the past 34 years to the extend that they are real deadwood will deceive him forever and ever. Zvakwamuri president kufuga kana kuwarira. Real opposition parties oppose to advise and guide but with real intention to takeover.

    • Fallenz says:

      He’s too eaten up with the need for power to ever consider your suggestion… however valid it might be. I think it becomes a disease for politicians, and they begin to believe their own lies. Those lies were once “justifiable” (in their own minds) because it accomplished their purpose. But, too many surround themselves with “yes-men” who cater to the liar, echo his babble, and sequester themselves from reality, and eventually they believe everything they and their “yes-men” circle say. I think Mugabe borders on believing himself to be a god. Wow… is he soon in for a surprise, or what..!!!

      What I think is needed is honorable men to take the reins… non-politician businessmen (and women) who understand the realities of truth and economy and justice. Clean up the corruption, and the mess it’s caused. Put check and balance systems in place, and then go back to their businesses and create jobs and wealth for the people.

      But, that’s just me…..

      • NBS says:

        Yep! What about Strive?

        • easily fooled says:

          Give strive a rest, successful managers in the corporate world do not always have the political stamina to win political battles. Look at what the MDC followers are doing to MT. He started of sober, but they have hardened his heart. Strive is too soft for politics. He can make his contribution in a different way. Remember he is not leaving in Zim, do you know why? If he can stand the heat of being associated with……then how can he be a leader of……

          • Fallenz says:

            Yes, those who would step forward to rescue Zim must also have the political acumen and stamina to persevere in negotiations and discussions, to build alliances to accomplish what is necessary… but, their goal must not be to rule forever. Their time away from their business pursuits would be a sacrifice for such men… a service to the people, and loyalty to Zim.

  3. John Thomas says:

    I think they are too stupid realise how dire their predicament is.

  4. Tozvirevakupiko says:

    Mugabe complete success as a politician – but COMPLETE failure as a government leader, he achieved zero as a government leader…hot air

  5. Jono Austin says:

    ‘Success as a politician’-if that can be defined as killing any ‘troublemakers’ rather than winning hearts and minds

  6. jongwe says:

    god you people are pathetic… boast of being the most educated country in Africa…thats the biggest laugh …’re stupid, cowardly, indolent, lazy, andhave no self respect, you were intimidated by the people that now rule over you, your president is a joke, your opposition leaders are a joke, your parliament is a joke, watching you is the funniest interlude in my mundane day, carry on the good work!!!!

  7. chessplayer says:

    Apolitical? Let us hear from you.

    • Fallenz says:

      I wonder if I could sub for Apolitical… lemme see… here goes…

      I am not biased. Mugabe and ZANUPF are thieves, but MDC made them that way. All was well until the opposition arose and started stealing stuff. The diamond money is not stolen… it is in safe hands, and all of Zim have benefited. The white farmers took all their equipment with them to Zambia, and now they have the audacity to sell us grain that is rightfully ours. MDC’s feet stink.

      OK… how’d I do..?

      • easily fooled says:

        MDC was formed in 1999. How many scandals do you know between 1980 tl 1990. Where is Nyagumbo? What was the exchange rate between british pound to Zim dollar in 1980. Was it not 1:1? What was it in 1998? How much unemployment was there in 1980 compared to 1998? Lets check the same stuff in 2002 2008 when it was imminent that Zanu Pf was being voted out, almost everyone in Zpf went on a spree to loot. When did you first hear about Mugabe’s house in Asia? Was it not in 2008? When did obert mpofu become rich? Was not when he bcame the mine minister? Did chindori chininga not die because he wantec to spill the bean…..where was mdc fueling these malpractices. Did not the MDC rescue the economy in 2009 which had totally collapsed?

        I think you need a history textbook bcoz it looks like waive usati vazvarwa muna 2008

        • Fallenz says:

          Kikikikikikiki… I must have done a good job impersonating Apolitical, ay….


          • Chess player says:

            Funny how Apolitical and his like-meminded folk fall silent when it comes to this kind of debate. Always there to flog the MDC and shower praises to Mugabe. Good impeersonation Fallenz.

  8. NBS says:

    And they are not swimming as well as our three military men off the coast of SA when they found themselves in the sea. What goes around comes around! First they took the milk and then they took the cream and then they took the whole cow and now the stall is empty! Judgment comes knocking!

    • Fallenz says:

      Great analogy, NBS. Yeah, they took the cow, sold it, and wonder why the milk and cream no longer flow from the stall. Minds with no understanding of the most basic economic principles are in charge of the nation. Even the most primitive in the most remote society know you can’t eat the cow and milk it, too. But, even the most educated of ZANUPF are so obsessed in their feeding frenzy they have become insane. Clueless they are.

  9. Roving Ambassador says:

    Zanu is rudder less .The main focus is looting . they all pillage in the name of Mugabe. With Chiwenga, Mnangagwa, Mujuru.and mugabe all jostling to control, no one knows which direction to take except for looting.

  10. Jake says:

    Many of the ‘economists’ in govt, got their degrees some 35-45 years ago, from illustrious universities in communist Russia, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Cuba, North Korea etc. Should we be puzzled by their policies?

  11. ALL EYES ON ME!! says:

    Gukurahundi ZANU PF knows gukurahundism only. They know nothing about the economy. Remember, they have degrees in violence/gukurahundism?

  12. Mseyamwa says:

    Why do people believe mugabe can be lied to when he has the entire CIO reporting to him? It’s just another excuse to buy time. After all what does he actually do when the truth finally dawns on him? Zimbabwe is still sliding into the abyss. If he were being lied to, why does he not even take action against the liers? Wht does he keep on listening to the same liers? Hezvo, he presented a fake cheque in Marange the other day. If he had been lied to, why does he remain static, knowing who lied to him. Made year-after-year flies above the country takes pictures of natural flora and accuses it of being the next bumper harvest – yet we starve, and what does mugabe do – reappoint him again for the upteenth time. If lying was wrong in ZANU many would have been desciplined, yet uhmm, they are actually rewarded with tenure.

  13. Godonga says:

    Again its Mugabe shooting himself in the foot by electing to reward loyalty over ability. There is no party with the resource pool comparative to Zanu PF; Nkosana Moyo, Makoni, Masiyiwa, Chanakiras, Eric Bloch, Daniel Shumba etc the least is endless of talent belonging to or sympathetic to Zanu PF.

    Unfortunately such talent is not rewarded but persecuted (in some instances prosecuted) as potential adversaries. Instead dwarf, dull but loyal dimwits like Xavier, Gono, Made, Kereke, Chinamasa et al are rewarded.

    By the way does ZIMASSET embrace the 51% Indeginisation Law (read Shonalisation!)? Ha ha ha when the blind lead us!

    Bayethe Mzilikazi.

  14. Tawanda says:

    Ko ivo sekuru vachiri kuda advise yeiko? He should just be advised to resign and rest. ZANU PF ine madzimai oga. Hapana kana anosimudza musoro. Mugabe ane madzimai akawanda zvokwadi.

  15. Tongoona says:

    Musemwa you hit the nail on the head.Don’t forget he is now sekure and his team of recycled ministers now play with sekuru’s muswe because chkwadi Mugabe atove sekuru chaivo. It’s time for him to call it quits together with his vazukuru ministers.

  16. Gandanga says:

    Please may we get a break from ZANU! We have had enough, zvakwana, sikwanile!I don’t mind holding the gun now to sort this mess!Hatichada, humbavha hwekunyepera politics!

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