AfricaBet Shops in Zimbabwe Now Feature TVBET Games

There’s no experience quite like a night out at the casino. Getting dressed up to the nines, showing off your skill at the card table and your luck at the roulette wheel, perhaps indulging in a dry martini or two – it really is the ultimate playground for adults! It’s an experience that we’ve all been missing for a large part of the past year or so, and it’s great news that casinos are reopening their doors as the world starts to return to normal.

Casino goers in Zimbabwe have an extra reason to celebrate, with the arrival of TVBet in the nation’s AfricaBet shops. TVBET is known for its excellent service that includes live games with betting options for both online casinos and land-based casinos.

Live casino games have seen a real surge in popularity over the past year or so, adding an extra sense of realism for those playing casino games from their PCs and smartphones. However, the phenomenon is just as popular in real casinos, providing a greater choice of games, especially in locations where floor space is at a premium. Let’s take a look at the different games on offer.


Arguably the most popular game in the TVBET portfolio, PokerBet is based on the rules of Texas Holdem poker. The dealer deals six hands, and players can choose which position to bet upon. Just like in a regular game of Texas Holdem, there are five rounds in each game, consisting of the bet, preflop, flop, turn and river. Players can jump in to join the action at any point. There are also all sorts of side bets you can try, so this really is a game you can get your teeth into.


If the rules of Texas Holdem poker get you head in a spin, don’t worry, you are not alone. Players looking for something a little less complicated will find exactly what they need with WheelBet. Is it roulette or is it the Wheel of Fortune? Well, to be honest, it combines the best elements of both games. The format is very much Wheel of Fortune, with your host spinning a large vertical wheel, just like on the famous TV show. However, instead of prize amounts, the wheel is divided into the numbers and colours of American Roulette. You can bet on numbers and colours, and you also have the option to place wagers on future games. There’s a spin of the wheel every two minutes, so it really is fast and furious action.


If you like Lotto draws, you will love 5Bet. 36 numbered balls go into the machine, and five winners are drawn at random. To add an extra dimension, the balls are in four different colours. It means you can place bets in a number of ways, including predicting the exact numbers, which colours will or will not appear, odds or evens and lots more.


No prizes for guessing how this game works! This time seven balls are drawn from a pool of 42, but with 7Bet, there are only two colours, blue and black. It presents a whole new set of possibilities and odds, on top of those we’ve already looked at in 5Ball.


Keno is one of the oldest betting games in existence. It was first invented an incredible 3,000 years ago by Chinese rulers as a way to raise money to finance their armies. There’s even an apocryphal rumour that Keno financed construction of the Great Wall of China. The Keno game offered by TVBET doesn’t pretend to such lofty aspirations, but it’s great fun and with a bit of luck, you could enjoy a nice win or two. On the face of it, Keno looks a lot like another Lotto game, but the betting is a little different. This time, you have 80 balls in the pool, from which 20 are selected. You can choose how many numbers to try to guess, as well as betting on particular combinations, absences, trends over time and more.

A winning combination

AfricaBet is one of the best-known names in betting across Sub-Saharan Africa. The brand is chiefly associated with sports betting, covering a remarkable portfolio of more than 90 sports with live steams and expert tips as well as the latest odds. The addition of TVBET’s live games will add a whole new dimension to what’s on offer at AfricaBet’s numerous outlets in Zimbabwe and neighbouring nations.

Emily Asava, TVBET’s Sales Manager, commented that despite the popularity of online gambling in the modern era, people enjoy the atmosphere and the general experience of visiting a physical betting shop. She added that this is why TVBET is excited to add AfricaBet to its ever growing list of strategic partners.