AMHVoices: Are we educated to confuse citizens?

Source: AMHVoices: Are we educated to confuse citizens? – NewsDay Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE is the epitome of African education, though with nothing to show for it. One of my masters lecturers, an Ethiopian by origin but now German citizen, once told us that until you simplify issues for easy mental consumption, you are not educated.

By Fungai Nhaitai, Our Reader

Zimbabwe in 2018 went for harmonised elections with 23 candidates representing political parties and the ballot paper can testify before the court of law to that effect. Presidential candidates, like parliamentary candidates, went to the nomination court, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission verified a number of things before one was confirmed to have succeeded or failed.

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe did the same in representing their political parties. The government allowed them to market their manifestos to us the electorate and one of the two did well and the other candidate was dismal.

Election results were announced, challenged and our honourable courts would address and acknowledge Chamisa as MDC Alliance candidate and Khupe as MDC-T candidate and the court ruled the way it did.

The government wanted to offer Chamisa a special seat or place in Parliament. Now the question is as who? He was never a parliamentary candidate, but a presidential candidate.

The other question is for which political party? Parliament recognises MDC Alliance as a party, but now allows another political party to recall its MPs. Who will protect us the electorate? Why donate voters to people they never voted for? Why did you allow us to be betrayed if you knew Chamisa was illegitimate.

Have you considered our vote? Why have you wasted our time and national resources lying to us that the MDC Alliance was a party during elections and after that, you say it’s not? Who will educate us on that? As a citizen and a voter who has the right to information, I demand answers on behalf of citizens as to why you betrayed us?

If you had the legitimate Khupe in the Political Actors Dialogue, why would you call Chamisa to join you in what capacity if he had joined you? You have disappointed millions, morale is low, the nation continues to be polarised and this creates a very difficult environment for investors.

It will be very difficult to convince us that voting is necessary. It’s no longer a right because our voting tastes are not respected.

The lawyers dictum says that if you don’t have the law argue the facts and if you don’t have the facts argue the law, if you don’t have the law and facts argue for the sake of argument.

Having all this we seek answers on the voters rights and who can protect us from what you are doing to us.


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 2 years ago

    UN says ZW has the most educated people in Africa. Economy says ZW has the fastest collapsing economy outside a war zone – in the world comrades