AMHVoices: Many Mutodis in Mnangagwa’s govt

Source: AMHVoices: Many Mutodis in Mnangagwa’s govt – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Zimbabwean government is still grappling with many incompetent and inexperienced government officials due to nepotism and regionalism.

By Leonard Koni, Our Reader

It is unfortunate that we still have people like the fired Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi in the government, but nothing much is being done to get rid of them because they are serving on the blessings of somebody.

The opposition should avoid celebrating this move, as it is not going to change anything. It must rather remain focused on the ball, grudgingly avoiding losing it to the opponents and must remain resolute.

The ouster of Mutodi was long overdue as this man lacked the qualities of a leader and was a disaster in the making.

Such kind of people are very common in any organisation and are numerous but it will only take a strong leader to identify such miscreants and sternly deal with them.

It is the prerogative of the managers to pluck them out before they contaminate others.

Mutodi was foul-mouthed, negligent, unprofessional, incorrigible and an inconsiderate character — and that’s the legacy he has left.

He was simply another illusion for the Information ministry, a total embarrassment to the whole nation. The desired results of the ministry could never be achieved with such kind of people at the helm.

Mutodi’s failure was imprinted on the wall. His political career had reached the fulcrum of the crux.

His tweet on the abducted MDC Alliance trio was one of the worst ever statements given by a deputy minister and leaves a lot to be desired.

A holder of a PhD behaving like an “O” Level graduate, I start to wonder which institution awarded him such an accolade.

Such institutions must follow their students and see how they are performing on the ground because they risk losing credibility.

People became increasingly impatient with his character. The system in Zanu PF has been heavily exposed and the people are now losing faith and trust in the revolutionary party.

How does the Zanu PF leadership carry out its recruiting process or appoint people in such crucial positions? How do such kind of people get ministerial posts in government?

Does Zanu PF carry out some background checks when making appointments, to see whether aspiring candidates have no criminal records?

Mutodi has many pending criminal cases at the courts which were known before he was even appointed to the position of a deputy minister and was never arraigned before a competent court for trial.

Is it the norm that one’s loyalty to Zanu PF makes them immune to any form of arrest? Is it a green card to loot or abuse power? Why does Zanu PF protect criminals within its ranks?

His sacking has just exposed the cult and politics of patronage in the revolutionary party.

From rhumba maestro to holding a cup inscribed “I am the boss”. I would like to wish him well in his next endeavours.

His sacking is a blessing in disguise and has come at the right time. He can start rekindling his rhumba music career which was fading because of other commitments.

This is now time for his collection of glittering pink, yellow mauve, neon magenta and crimson ndombolo suits and pointed white shoes. All the best Mr Mutodi.