Army Captain On “Live” Charges of Attempting To Remove President for Croc Disowns Mnangagwa | DESPITE LONGEST CHIKURUBI PRISON STAY SINCE 1980 

Source: Army Captain On “Live” Charges of Attempting To Remove President for Croc Disowns Mnangagwa | DESPITE LONGEST CHIKURUBI PRISON STAY SINCE 1980 | ZimEye

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Emmerson Mnangagwa

By Staff Reporter| The Ret Army Captain, who still has “live” charges on his head for allegedly organising a coup to remove Robert Mugabe and install Emmerson Mnangagwa, has disowned President Mnangagwa.

The man, Albert Matapo endured the longest prison stay (without trial) since independence 1980. He was jailed in 2007 purely on Mnangagwa’s account in a series of events that were set to see President Mnangagwa himself being slapped behind bars.

On 29th May 2007, the Robert Mugabe led Zimbabwean government claimed they had foiled an alleged coup d’état attempt led by Matapo involving almost 400 soldiers and high-ranking members of the military set to happen on June 2 or June 15, 2007.

10 years later, ZimEye has besides interviewing Matapo himself, followed up with prison officers who handled Captain Matapo during his time inside the filthy Chikurubi maximum prison and one senior male officer told ZimEye he to this day still believes that Matapo was “clearly” Mnangagwa’s agent.

“I know he was later released and exonerated, but vanga vari vese avo naMnangagwa tinozviziva,” the officer who cannot be named as he is not allowed to speak with the media said.

Flying back to meet Mnangagwa?

Since the latest coup happened last month in November which swiftly and successfully ushered Mnangagwa into State House, many now expect Captain Matapo to fly back to Zimbabwe and serve his “boss” Mnangagwa’s government.

But an irate Matapo told he does not want to have anything to do with Mnangagwa. He went further and declared that he has actually never had anything to do with Mnangagwa.

“I was accused of doing a coup for Mnangagwa, I would like to make it clear now that he has made it to become President that I have nothing to do with him, I have never had anything to do with  him, and I will never want to do anything with him,” declared Captain Matapo on the LIVE ZimEye program.

In another program filmed in July this year, Matapo screams out saying:

“Mnangagwa belongs to Chikuribi, Mugabe belongs to Chikurubi!”

It has now become convincingly clear that when he was arrested in 2007, Captain Matapo had actually started a political party, The United Crusade For Achieving Democracy (UCAD) and CIOs randomly rounded him up together with other members who had gathered in his offices in Harare; they then drove them away for torture under charges of attempting to remove Mugabe and install Mnangagwa. But years later inside Chikurubi, they failed to successfully convict Matapo of the crime. He was eventually released in 2014 following intervention of his lawyers and now lives in the diaspora.

When they were arrested.

On the day they were arrested in May 2007, another witness Gilbert Kagodora, treasurer for the MDC, says he and Matapo were arrested by men suspected be CIOs on May 29.

“We had gone to meet Matapo for business together with three other party activists at Winston Court along Fourth Street. Initially, they told us that we were being arrested for dealing in foreign currency and they then proceeded to blindfold us with masking tape. They also tied our hands and took us into a van downstairs. I could not tell exactly where they were driving us to.”