Biti demands $15m for unjustified detention 

Source: Biti demands $15m for unjustified detention – DailyNews

Tarisai Machakaire


MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti is demanding $15 million from the police and a woman who laid an assault charge against him, arguing his arrest and detention was unjustified.

Biti has cited the woman, Tatiana Aleshina, detectives identified as Garauzive and Chibaya and Constable Sydney Ndlovu as respondents in the claim where he is seeking $5 million for injury to his feelings, $5 million for deprivation of liberty, torture, cruelty and degrading treatment.

The other $5 million is for malicious and wrongful actions.

In a pending summons matter Biti and MDC-Alliance are being sued by Augur Investments and Aleshina for US$1 million for naming them in the Harare Airport Road scandal through Twitter posts.

It is now being alleged that on November 30, Aleshina filed a police report against Biti that he had insulted her.

Between December 1 and 4, Biti claims Garauzive and his team raided his law firm in Milton Park, Harare and also harassed his mother at her residence.

Biti then went to the police with his lawyer on December 5 but was not given an opportunity to pay a fine which was a provision for the nature of allegations he faced.

“The defendants did not afford the plaintiff the opportunity of paying an admission of guilt fine given the triviality of the charge and failed to take the plaintiff to court for timeous remand process,” Biti claimed.

“The defendants despite protest proceeded to unlawfully detain the plaintiff in police custody at Harare Central Police Station until he was released on bail on December 6.”

Biti said he was exposed to the risk of contracting Covid-19 in custody as there were no suitable ablution facilities and protective clothing.

“The defendants were malicious in their actions in detaining the plaintiff under circumstances where Covid-19 exists and detention conditions characterised by lack of running water, sanitisers, masks, gloves or shoes,” he said.

“Over 52 inmates were detained on that particular night and there was overcrowding and no social distancing.”



  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 1 year ago

    I wish Tendai Biti every good luck.
    But I see little hope of his success as every judicial officer in our courts are hand-picked for their blind and fearful loyalty to their paymaster ZANU PF.

    • comment-avatar
      ticky sibanda 1 year ago

      Look Biti assaulted and hospitalized this witness according to press reports. That means that he is in very deep trouble. To now go and try and sue her is not the wisest of moves and will most likely rebound on him. The only real choice he has is to quickly settle the matter out of court before the whole thing sends him to prison as a common criminal. The matter is not political although he is trying to turn it into a political case in order to drum up sympathy and to try and squeeze out of the charge. I doubt very much that it will work.

  • comment-avatar
    harper 1 year ago

    Wow how much could I claim for two years unjustified detention? Not going to bother as even if the courts awarded me compensation the state would delay payment until eventually settling with a virtual trillion dollar note.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 1 year ago

    All the best Biti. Maybe you can also get 15 million each for the rest of the population or more for their abuse of our constitutional rights as well.

  • comment-avatar
    the exposer 1 year ago

    This Tatiana Aleshina woman was a pfambi at a nightclub in Harare in 90’s, servicing men in all sorts of ways, which are too graphic to mention here. Biti exposed her and Kenneth Sharpe as the front for Chombo created company Augur Investments. Now we are to believe that Tendai Biti has hurt Aleshina’s feelings??? May be she had to go to a hospital? perhaps to cure herself of the STDs, kkk