Boos for the police, cheers for Botswana

‪Watch: Police Chief Chihuri humiliated, heckled & booed by the crowd. They sang “ngaaende ngaaende”. He is seriously disliked. President Mnangagwa said the people are the voice of God. Likely Chihuri will be fired Monday. ‬

Publicerat av Maynard Manyowa den 24 november 2017

A journalist has posted video of the moment when the police chief Augustine Chihuri was booed by the crowds whilst making his pledge to the new president. The police chief is seen as having sided with former First Lady Grace Mugabe in the political battle that preceded the army takeover.

The crowd were chanting “ngaende”, which in the Shona language means “he must go”.

His officers are also very unpopular for soliciting bribes at the country’s many road blocks – which to the joy of Zimbabweans have been absent since military intervention.

Maynard Manyowa also posted a contrasting moment when Botswana’s President Ian Khama – a critic of former President Robert Mugabe – entered the stadium to cheers.


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    Kutama 6 years ago

    The people of Bulawayo put slogans up in 2000 – “Chihuri, Mugabe’s Mahuri!” Thus they knew all those years ago that Mugabe had many mahuris! Not just Grace and Augustine. There so many Mugabe Mahuris around that now want everybody to forget their Mugabe Mahuri past?