Breaking: Full list of RBZ looters finally released 

Murewa: The Zanu families:

Source: Breaking: Full list of RBZ looters finally released – The Zimbabwean

The Nyabadza family  US$72,574.00. Simba Nyabadza  US$99,718.00  Simon Nyabadza got US$76,139. Takudzwa Nyabadza US$20,900  Michael Nyabadza US$125,633.00. Father Nyabadza listed as a priest  US$72,574.00. None of the Nyabadzas paid back their loans.

The Mugabes  Leo Mugabe,  at US$100,885.00.

Sabina Mugabe got US$66,680  sister,

Bridget Mugabe received US$42,720.00.

Former head of ZINARA and Mugabe’s nephew, Albert Mugabe US$64,792.00.

Nephew Patrick Zhuwao  US$93,000, Robert Zhuwao  US$50,120;

a Kaitano Mutandwa Mugabe with US$63,251 and a Constancia Mugabe with US$44,879.00.

Matibiri family
Innocent Matibiri, who was a senior police officer  US$403,825.

Maseline Matibiri US$15,976;

Silence Matibiri US$117,176.00;

Plaxedes Matibiri US$27,514.00;

Malvern Matibiri US$44,879.00

John Masese Matibiri US$31,167.00.

Albert Nyakuedzwa of Folkington Farm who was awarded a loan of US$286,853.00 while

Nobert Nyakuedzwa got US$59,300.00.

Mombeshoras are  Dr Douglas Mombeshora,  US$312,528.00. His wife, Millicent Mombeshora,  “Sekuru Mombeshora”  US$98,539.00; Lucy Mombeshora US$78,145.00; Gideon Mombeshora   US$91,953.00 and Augustine Mombeshora US$60,118.00. None of the Mombeshora family members repaid their loans.

Christine Sophia Tsvakwi US$405,967.00

while Ray Tanyaradzwa Tsvakwi i US$177,799.00. Rephias Tsvakwi  US$34,318.00. None of the Tsvakwis repaid their loans.

Dakarayi Mapuranga US$52,943.00,

They got the loans during Gono’s time. It ws a Farm machination scheme. The debt ws transferred to the gvt. Meaning it’s our taxes tht pay the debt to RBZ.

Thy got the farms, and free loans.

President Robert Mugabe’s=  US$2,239,109.00.

President Emmerson Mngangwagwa’s debt  US$411,728.00 for his farm.

late former Vice President Joseph Msika US$678,867.00.

Former Vice President, Joice Mujuru got a loan of US$131,200.00.  “Mujuru Project” worth US$311,868.00.

Former Vice President, Phelekezela Mphoko US$40,664.00.

Obert Moses Mpofu,  US$383,796.00.

Walter Chidhakwa US$400,267.00.

Patrick Chinamasa US$350,463.00.

Martin Dinha US$378,122.00

Nicholas Goche  US$305,608.00.

Olivia Muchena US$376,470.00.  commissar,

Late Elliot Manyika who  US$312,500.00.

Mike Madiro  US$319,727.00 loan.

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi  US$312,979.00.

Bright Matonga US$359,420.00

Edna Madzongwe US$325,368.00.

Webster Shamhu US$302,715.00,

Sydney Sekeramayi US$331,222.00 and US$335,181.00.

Didymus Mutasa’s  US$203,797.00,

Oppah Muchinguri  US$383,131.00 .

Rugare Gumbo  US$316,767.00;

Flora Bhuka had US$331,972.00

Francis Nhema US$129,035.00.

, Ignatius Chombo US$248,601.00.

Christopher Mushowe  Hills  US$289,565.00 and US$48,574.00 for a total of US$338,139.00

Nyasha Chikwinya got US$151,143.00

Governor Ray Kaukonde  debt of US$231,139.00.

Christopher Mutsvangwa  US$80,699.00. Mutsvangwa

Paul Munyaradzi Mangwana  US$58,956.00

Victor Matemadanda  US$25,534.00,

former Chief Magistrate, Mishrod Guvamombe US$107,848.00.

Justice Paddington Garwe  US$92,986.00.

Justice Alfas Muvavarigwa Chitakunye US$92,685.00.

Justice Tadios Karwi got a loan of US$95,732.00

with Justice Tendai Phanuel Uchena at US$89,382.00.

Justice Lavender Makoni got US$87,984.00

while current Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza got US$62,534.00.

Justice Cheda – US$69,729.00.

Another current Supreme Court judge, Justice Antonia Guvava is listed as owing US$68,380.00

Other judges  include Justice Ben Hlatshwayo – US$49,801.00;

Justice Charles Hungwe – US$46,640.00;

Justice Tawanda Chitapi – US$44,817.00;

Justice Susan Mavangira US$33,695.00;

Justice Vernanda Ziyambi – US$33.695.00;

Custom Kachambwa, a former senior magistrate at US$42,947.

There is an Ennie Marie Gowora  US$48,600,

Morgan Nemadire  US$1,299.00 at Nemadzime Village.

Tomana  US$63,583.00  Another senior member of the Attorney General’s Office,

Florence Ziyambi  US$63,982.00

The current Attorney General, Advocate Prince Machaya  US$46,752.00
ZEC in 2007/08

Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba.

Chief Elections Officer,
Lovemore Sekeramayi  US$46,858.00.

Tobaiwa Mudede, US$250,896.

Gabriel Chaibva,  vocal ZANU PF apologist now a commissioner of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC),  US$88,623.00

Bingu wa Mutharika, the late former President of Malawi. He is listed as having been given a loan of US$124,111.00 in 2007 under the Farm Mechanisation Scheme.

Apparently, Wa Mutharika was married to a Zimbabwean and had a farm in Zimbabwe

Gerald Mlotshwa, a lawyer and son-in-law of President Mnangagwa  US$59,605.00

Joseph Chinotimba,  US$163,401.00

Pupurai Togarepi  US$72,547.00

Obediah Moyo  US$130,963.00

Tariro J. Mupfumira who is listed twice – US$112,581.00 (Mash West) and US$59,499 (Masvingo) for a total of US$172,080.00. Tariro, who is the son of former Minister Prisca Mupfumira, did not repay his loan.

ZEC  worth US$197,244.00

Chen Chimutengwende – US$98,780.00

Lazarus Dokora – US$82,719.00

Sithembiso Nyoni – US$7,097.00

Sylvester Nguni – US$53,600.00

Joel Biggie Matiza – US$46,949.00

Apollonia Munzverengi – US$59,662.00

Ambrose Mutinhiri – US$68,321.00

Michael Bimha –  US$73,877.00

David Chapfika – US$79,936.00

Kagonye Petronella – US$94,761.00;

David Parirenyatwa (Tambawakaguta Farm) – US$88,631

Mandi Chimene (Tasendekerapano Farm) – US$37,520.00

Samuel Undenge – US$70,935.00

Jaison Machaya – US$49,700.00

Josiah Hungwe – US$99,511.00

Joram Gumbo – US$39,869.00

July Moyo – US$42,450.00

Owen Mudha Ncube –  US$38,000.00

Frederick Shava – US$62,217.00

David Marapira – US$54,293.00

Makhosini Hlongwane –  US$108,767.00

Kindness Paradza – US$118,485.00

Peter Haritatos – US$38,000

Temba Mliswa.-US$462,999.00

Wicknell Chivhayo US$48,315.00.

Wilson Manase  US$297,015.00.

ZESA appointee, Dr Sydney Zikuzo Gata, Executive Chairman  US$50,600.00

Reuben Barwe. US$79,607.00

Judith Makwanya US$35,984.00.

Current Zimpapers CEO, Pikirai Deketeke US$44,860

George Chisoko US$340,616.00.

George Charamba US$127,723.00

Gershem Pasi, US$70,099.00.

Former Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma US$75,807.00,

ex-head of the ZBC, Happison Muchechetere US$82,476.00.

Archbishop Ezekiel Guti US$116,693.00;

Nolbert Kunonga loan of US$98,661.00.

Agatha Kunonga who is listed as having received US$58,318.00.

Rutendo Wutawunashe US$18,200.00.

Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi was two loans of US$271,000.00 and US$315,600.00 for a grand total of US$586,600.00


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    Kalulu 1 year ago

    This is very interesting indeed no wonder why there is a general belief and acceptance that the Judiciary was captured. Who can argue with that if names of High Court and Concourt Judges appear on the list of ruling party looters and clerics known for always siding and defending the government, the likes of Guti, Wutawunashe and Mutendi.

    As for Justice Chitapi and his fellow justices, it explains why they appear to be ill treating political activists from the opposition wings, oh cry my beloved country!!! Will they pay back the loot?

  • comment-avatar
    Mapingu 1 year ago

    kungomora. vari kutonga nyika izere zvidhakwa. saka kumora zvidhakwa zviri kundari. cry my beloved country!

  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 1 year ago

    Brilliant stuff from Zanu as expected. Past behaviour is the best indication for future behaviour. These are true professionals – in the arena of Looting,

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 1 year ago

    Our monies!!! Stolen . No wonder they don’t want to leave. Have said this so many times and after all these years here is the list . Of cause many others are missing from here . SHAME SHAME ON US ALL FOR KEEPING QUIET WHILE OUR Country and its people die. PASI NE ZANUPF, PASI.