Casino Affiliate Programs – How to make a choice?

«The House always wins» – such a famous phrase, which directly represents the sense of it. Despite you are lucky or not, casino will get their profits. With such circumstances, it becomes extremely interesting to share their profits. How? The answer is simple – via casino affiliate programs.

Casino affiliate program allow to attract the audience to one of the casino’s websites in order to get the rewarding due to the number of players referred. It is applicable for webmasters, website owners, blogger and social media influencers – anyone who’s got appropriate audience.

The review you’re currently reading would discover the best casino affiliate systems and introduce you all of the benefits and pitfalls working with them.

The first question you have to ask yourself: on which to pay an attention while choosing an affiliate program of a casino? There are 3 main issues should taken in mind: brand awareness of a casino, rewarding plan pricing and feedbacks from other affiliates.

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What conditions casino’s offer to their affiliates

There are 3 main rewarding schemes widely used in best casino affiliate systems. Beyond them there are a CPA-plan, Revenue Sharing plan and hybrid one, which is the combination of previous one’s.

CPA or cost-per-action pays for affiliates rewarding according to the FTD of the referred players. While they made their FTD, an affiliate receive a fixed amount payment which might be risen with an increase of players referred.

Revenue sharing model or RS is directly sharing model which includes a percentage interest from net profits of the players referred to the casino. The rate of interest is progressive and might risen as well.

How to pass through the registration in casino affiliate system?

The procedure of registering in affiliate system is much more complicated than for ordinary players, but it still easy-to-be-proceeded.

In the affiliate casino sites you’d be asked to fullfil some necessary information about yourself, connected with:

1. Private information
2. Contact information
3. Business information about your website
4. Payment information about the way of getting a rewarding

It is highly important to fullfil everything in a correct way and not to tell the wrong info. Instead it might over with unpleasant consequences till to the lockdown of your account.

How much you can earn from affiliate programs?

It is fully depends on you. In average, affiliates receive a 30-40% from the net profits of their referred players. The total income of you would depend on the amount of referred players, so there is no borders for the amount it can be.

Average profits of one affiliate due to statistics is almost 1000€ per month. You are able to get more.