Hopewell Chin’ono charged with incitement to commit public violence 

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is charged with incitement to commit public violence under the Criminal Code for joining the call for a demonstration on

Source: Hopewell Chin’ono charged with incitement to commit public violence – The Zimbabwean


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    Mbizi 2 years ago

    Once upon a time there was one Robert G. Mugabe. He was a tyrant par excellence. Then came Dambudzo! Aaaah yah! Zimbabwe wake up and smell the coffee. Mugabe understood one slick phenomenon, that the people needed to have a say in his dealings, even if it meant forcing them to be part of his rallies to present a semblance of togetherness. Everyone knew that those were only optics and surely they remained so. Then came this lot through the mother of all military takeovers ever witnessed by any African before then. This lot can not and will never get the optics right, for they themselves are bad optics not to talk of the lack of capacity to rationally put things into correct compartments. Everything they do is irrational to the extent that all they know is force and command. Zimbabwe is well known for its human resource base that is capable of thinking, reasoning and of course know what it wants. How on earth can one think that only ZANU people are the only Zimbabweans that have the capacity to think and think well alone? If anything they have shown to be the most incompetent lot in as far as that is concerned. I am just one of the many millions of Zimbabweans that are waiting to see if the God we worship will have mercy on the motherland and rid us of this troublesome lot. The reason why this lot behaves the way it does is because it doesn’t have the people’s mandate to run the affairs of this land. I have met and spoken to my fellow rural folk in hoards and we agree in our numbers that we never voted this lot and never will we! This zanu and it’s  ideology when one day sunk, will never be heard of. That day shall and will come……just like Mugabe’s departure. When things start surely they will come to an end, when people are born, surely they shall die and as such, is the Zimbabwe story. Either  nature will take its course or nature will take its course. The end is near for this story has been running for decades. We shall surely have our day of freedom and this lot can take its independence with it to hell. Nobody will ever miss this so called independence. It brought us nothing but goons and scavengers. We have never known sanity and with this lot we will never know sanity. It’s insanity after insanity. Hopewell has a multitude of clones all over and the solidarity is so strong that not even this tyranny can break it, it can only be strengthened.

    The center can no longer hold…..