Chihuri intervention sought as police ignore High Court order

via Chihuri intervention sought as police ignore High Court order | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu  November 5, 2013 

Police in Beitbridge this week remained in contempt of a High Court order to evict ZANU PF linked invaders from a South African owned game farm, forcing the sheriff to seek the intervention of police commissioner Augustine Chihuri.

But it is unlikely that anything will materialise from the move. In the past Chihuri has refused to act against the war vets, claiming that farm invasions were ‘political’ and they lay outside the police mandate.

SW Radio Africa reported last week that the police were refusing to accompany a local deputy sheriff to evict invaders from Denlynian Farm, located on the outskirts of the border town.

In the same report farm owner Ian Ferguson said that he was going to seek the services of an external sheriff because the local one was ‘scared’ to act without a police escort and against locals to some of whom he is ‘related’.

On Monday the local deputy sheriff, together with Ferguson’s lawyer Winston Chakalisa, sent the High Court sheriff in Harare, Mr Matega, a report on how the police had refused to act.

On Tuesday Ferguson told SW Radio Africa that Matega had accepted his appeal for help and promised to take the issue up with Chihuri, to get from him an explanation on the police’s action.

Ferguson said Matega was ‘very helpful’ and promised to come back to him before the end of the week.

Led by war vets who include Stephen Mohadi (Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi’s brother), ZANU PF supporters invaded Denlynian Farm last month.

Since then there have been reports of harassment and the beating up of the workers and clients. There have also been reports of massive poaching and theft.

Last week the invaders were reported to have ‘virtually’ taken over the farm forcing the owner to approach the court, only for the police to ignore the order.

On Tuesday Ferguson said more people have arrived at his property and were slaughtering game and were routinely seen ferrying out their loot on government vehicles.

He named Elphas Siziba and Jakobe Ndou, both senior local government ministry officials based in Gwanda, as being involved.

Denlynian Farm is one of the estimated 500 South African owned properties to have fallen victim to government led land grabs.



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    Why is mugabeland totally bankrupt? No prizes guys

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    So, tell me again why this high court exists… or the police, for that matter. Is there a purpose for having a constitution, and the laws associated?

    ZANUPF is as lawless a group as ever existed. Opposition is punished, whether any real law has been violated, or not… and ZANUPF is never called to book when they break laws.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Doris 9 years ago

    Zanu has bred a nation of thieves who are never punished for their dirty deeds. The young of this country haven’t got anyone they can look up to – they are also being taught that you can take whatever you want without recourse. Shameful.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    Chihuri is not a credible police commissioner. His force routinely flouts court orders and ZRP has a reputation for being the most corrupt in SADC.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    no wonder we have little respect for most of our security forces….

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    Johno 9 years ago

    Don’t blame Chihuri for this one. The brother of the Home Affairs minister is behind this farm invasion. Police falls under Home Affairs. Chihuri is scared to arrest his boss’s brother.

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    Tabvuma 9 years ago

    Chihuri is not clean either you will be surprised to hear that he is behind the whole saga

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    Brian Edwards 9 years ago

    Chihuri and his sibling foul Zim and are better off removed from the Zim scenario. Why i$ Zim $uch a ba$ket ca$e? Becau$e it $uits them. Fork the future. Do you really think it can go on like this? God watches. In time all tyrants are dealt with. Mugabe will die knowing he failed utterly, surrounded by scavengers and rapists waiting to strip his body of anything of value.

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    Kevin Watson 9 years ago

    Which half witted cabinet minister in that old goat’s cabinet came to South Africa and said no Soutrh Africans had been affected by the great Zanu Pf orchestrated land theft programme?

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    The police rarely intervene with the excuse that they cant intervene because it is “political”. How ridiculous ! The police force should be apolitical and should be there to uphold the constitution, the law which would obviously include any High Court order. It only becomes political when the head of police makes it political or uses the police force for his own means. Please Zimbabweans vote the right people into power!!