Chihuri’s fire: latest info

caption: Photos of damage done by fire at Chihuri residence this afternoon

It has emerged that the fire at the resident of Police commissioner Augustine Chihuri was caused by a rogue policeman, who was one of those guarding the house.  A police source has told our correspondent that the policeman allegedly tried to steal some property from the house but was spotted by the gardener, who reported the matter to a senior policeman who was on routine inspection. When the man was confronted, he grabbed his FN rifle and started firing. The officer took cover and called for backup from police general headquarters.

Back up arrived swiftly and a three-hour gun battle ensued. The suspect allegedly tried to escape by using one of Chihuri’s vehicles, but failed as the house had been surrounded by cops. He then set the house on fire, damaging a significant section of the roof, according to the source.  The suspect, believed to be attached to the ZRP support unit, was eventually arrested after he ran out of ammunition. The ZRP’s forensic and ballistic teams are conducting investigations at the scene.


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    Matabele 4 years ago

    Funny – when we had our farm stolen the Zed Arra Pee were in attendance and supported the thieves to evict our family after 100 years? One would have to wonder just how many “Rogue Policemen” there may be in the Zed Arra Pee? One thing we are sure about is that there is definitely one Rogue Commissioner General of the Zed Arra Pee. Interestingly the Matabele graffiti artists told us all this some 17 years ago. On the one side of the sign it reads “Welcome to Bulawayo.” On the other side 17 years ago it was inscribed “Chihuri – Mugabe’s Mahuri!” The graffiti artists’ investigative skills were way ahead of the Zed Arra Pee?

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    Musadaroba 4 years ago

    I believe that it was a planned thing because
    1.The policeman’s aim was not on stealing because how can he commit such a crime in uniform during the day when everyone is alert whilst he had an appotunity to perform guard duties there at night.
    2.If he wanted to loot can he fire to his workmate since there was no way he can be arrested by his constable since no crime was committed at that time
    3.If he wanted to loot how can he burnt down the house.
    4.If the details exchanged fire for three hours how many rounds of ammunition was with the suspect and how did he carry them and also why did the armourer gave the constable such rounds.FN rifle fires sixty rounds per minute on rapid ie three magazines per minute.Whether it was in which type of fire 3 hours requires ammunition that cannot be carried by one person and how can the armourer let out those bullets.
    5.How can police details took three hours from PGHQ to attend a scene at borrodale at Boss’s resident.
    6.No death report after exchanging fire for three hours.
    7.Why did the Boss left car keys on ignition.
    Its either imba yapiswa to distroy exhibits in the house or the circumstances are incorrect.

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    Ndonga 4 years ago

    All our robbed ZRP road block monies gone up in smoke.

    Ag shame…

    But no doubt Mugabe’s favourite mahuri will be well compensated…just like Mugabe was…

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    The circumstances are not clear. If there was gunfire, who fired 1st and who gave orders to fire back. How long after the 1st shot did the house then began to smoke and or catch fire. What is the relationship of the alleged arsonist to the house owner. If he was cought, was he questioned why he opened fire. Was he a regular guard there or had come just for that day. Beside the gardener, who else was there. Where was the house owner at that time and what was his 1st reaction when he learned of the news.
    I want to believe it was a premitive way of destroying evidence especially from the highest ranking officer.
    Our fire fighting officers in collaboration with forensic experts, that is if we still have any, should be able to gather enough evidence for prosecution.
    It’s unfortunate for Zimbabweans to learn such type of corruption now.

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    Gregcir 4 years ago

    sounds credible. Sane to expect the police to say the truth. that conscience has since left the policeman’s heart years ago. Police are trained by Chihuri to say lies. Chihuri’s house becomes the embodiment of lie saying.