Chiredzi violence points to Zanu PF 

Source: Chiredzi violence points to Zanu PF – The Southern Eye

MASVINGO Centre for Research Advocacy and development (Macrad) has released a chilling report of political violence allegedly orchestrated by suspected Zanu PF activists in Chiredzi.

In the report, Macrad said Masvingo province ranked high among regions affected by political violence, but there was “little conversation about reclaiming, protecting and even sustaining a conversation about contemporary constitutional rights entitlements, previous violations and future protection of the rights of individuals and communities”.

Indications are that political violence against the indigenous community in Chiredzi rural is on the rise and the communities are living in fear.

“Macrad staff received news of several political violence cases dotted around the Chiredzi rural district,” the report read.

“Zanu PF members are untouchable, unleashing violence, intimidation, torture, both physical and verbal abuse against opposition members.”

Macrad said it spoke to a victim of political violence, Vutisani Mushiyi (49), who was beaten up on August 4 near Chilonga Irrigation Scheme.

Macrad said Mushiyi claimed to have been forced to leave his position as chairperson of the Chilonga Irrigation Scheme by Zanu PF candidate for Chiredzi South, Jowell Sithole.

“He believes that the aspiring Member of Parliament sent people to assault him for not following the instruction to leave his leadership position.”

Macrad said Mushiyi needed money to pay for X-ray and medication.

The report says another victim of political violence, Cephas Magezani (47) of ward 7 Chiredzi, was admitted at Chiredzi District Hospital after he was attacked on July 19.

“In the night, his house was set on fire by alleged Zanu PF supporters. Everything in the house was burned to ashes,” the report read.

“The victim says previously, they had received death threats from Zanu PF members and names of people who made threats were also given to the police for investigation, but no one has been arrested.”

The report called on political parties to rein in their supporters.

“Civic society and political parties should promote the values and practices of tolerance, respect, non-violence and dialogue as a sustainable means of resolving political differences,” the report read.

Zanu PF has denied the violence reports saying they were meant to tarnish its image.