City council workers demand $2 000 basic pay

Source: City council workers demand $2 000 basic pay | The Herald August 28, 2019

City council workers demand $2 000 basic payMr Bungu

Yeukai Karengezeka Municipal Correspondent
Harare City Council workers’ representative unions have proposed a minimum salary of $2 000 and called for a review of hygiene allowances.

The employees are represented by the Harare Municipal Workers’ Union, Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers’ Union, Water and Allied Workers’ Union.

The unions are basing their arguments on Section 65 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe which states that every person has the right to fair and safe labour practices and standards and to be paid a fair and reasonable wage.

In an interview, Harare Municipal Workers’ Union executive and chairman Mr Cosmas Bungu  said the unions had resolved that salaries be adjusted in light of the prevailing economic environment.

“We proposed that an increase of basic salary to $2 202. There are economic fundamentals which have changed and giving an employee $2 00 is no longer feasible. The value has been eroded by inflation,” he said.

Mr Bungu also said the salary review would promote employees’ wellness, to look after their families and be able to fulfil their duties. He highlighted that the cost of living has ballooned to over $1 700 per family.

The employees also proposed that transport allowances be increased to $400 while school fees, housing and electricity bill allowances also be adjusted accordingly.

“In terms of transport allowance the employee proposes an increase to $440 calculated as 22 days multiplied by $20.Employer should also provide transport where an employee is working in areas which need two-way transport.

“For example, where an employee lives in Chitungwiza while working in Borrowdale employer should provide transport from Town House to Borrowdale and back,” said Mr Bungu.

“We propose an increase of electricity allowance from the current $12,50 to $62,50 which is equivalent to the rate at which Government has increased the tariffs at 500 percent.Education allowance should be $200 per child multiplied by three to give $600 per month.

“In terms of rates and water it should be provided as a benefit or employer should pay. Due to the escalating rental costs which are now pegged at equivalent to the United States dollars rate we propose 50 percent on basic as housing allowance.”

Contacted for a comment, the city’s corporate communications manager, Mr Michael Chideme, said the workers’ demands would be discussed at the upcoming full council meeting where a decision will be taken.