City Parking hikes fees

Source: City Parking hikes fees | The Herald

City Parking hikes fees

Municipal Reporter

City Parking has reviewed its street parking fees upwards from $120 to $150 per hour in the city, as it moved to dismiss rumours circulating on social media that it the fees were now $600.

The review of street parking was announced in a statement and the new fees will be effective March 1.

“Motorists who park for longer durations are encouraged to make use of our safe, secure and affordable parkades and parking lots,” reads the statement.

City parking public relation manager Mr Francis Mandaza also dismissed the reports circulating on social media alleging that parking had been hiked by at least 500 percent.

“Contrary to social media rumours that City Parking would increase parking fees from $120 to $600 per hour, the new parking fee is $150 per hour which is actually the cheapest in Zimbabwe compared to what other cities are charging.

“The lie is malicious and must be ignored. The adjustment to $150 has been necessitated by rise in operational costs,” he said.