Covid-19 undermines nutrition

Source: Covid-19 undermines nutrition – DailyNews

THE United Nations (UN) has warned that the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to undermine nutrition with far-reaching consequences that could last for decades to come if the issues are not addressed.

In its weekly update, UN Zimbabwe noted that children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and people living with HIV and Tuberculosis were most vulnerable to malnutrition.

“Covid-19 is undermining nutrition in Zimbabwe. . . getting nutrition right today in Zimbabwe will determine whether the consequences of Covid-19 for children will be felt for years or even decades to come,” UN said.

“To date, 1 338 expectant mothers have received nutritional support, while accessing basic emergency obstetric and new-born care services at the home. The programme aims to increase the number of women in rural areas receiving these health services during their pregnancy and delivery, and to ensure they consume a proper, nutritious diet in order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.”