D-Day for MDC Alliance youth leader

Source: D-Day for MDC Alliance youth leader – NewsDay Zimbabwe


INCARCERATED MDC Alliance youth organising secretary Godfrey Kurauone will today appear at the Masvingo High Court for bail hearing after he was denied freedom at a lower court last week in a case where he is accused of inciting citizens to push for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ouster.

Allegations are that on June 20 this year, Kurauone, a Masvingo councillor, circulated a video song on social media urging people to revolt.
Police said the song amounted to criminal nuisance.

On the second charge, Kurauone is accused of taking part in the July 31 anti-corruption protests in which he allegedly blocked free movement of vehicles in Masvingo on the day.
He is denying both charges.

MDC Alliance youth spokesperson Stephen Chuma yesterday told NewsDay that Kurauone was being persecuted at Masvingo Remand Prison.
“Reports from Masvingo Remand Prison indicate that jailed MDC Alliance youth organiser Godfrey Kurauone is in a very unstable health condition.

“Our organiser is being denied access to proper medication and healthy food in contravention of the Prisons Act. Kurauone was arrested when he went to report to police as per his bail conditions for another case,” he said.
“He is part of the long list of individuals whom the police say are wanted for ‘interviews’ in connection with July 31 protests against looting and corruption.”
Kurauone was denied bail at Masvingo Magistrates’ Courts and his bail hearing appeal is set for today at Masvingo High Court.

Chuma alleged that Kurauone was being abused for being an MDC Alliance activist.
“It is very clear that Kurauone is a target of persecution by government. Just like Ian Smith regime, ED’s government now uses detention as a tool to silence critics as we have witnessed in the case of Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume who are also languishing at Chikurubi Maximum Prison for speaking out against corruption,” Chuma said, adding: “We want to make it clear that we are not going to be cowed into submission, but will continue to raise our voices against societal ills like corruption.”

Kurauone’s lawyer, Martin Mureri said the charges his client is facing had no basis.
“The State’s case is very weak. I will update the media on Kurauone’s current condition in prison after discussing with him first,” he said.