Devolution funds boon for clinic upgrade

Source: Devolution funds boon for clinic upgrade | The Herald August 14, 2019

Heather Charema in CHEGUTU
SANYATI Rural District Council (RDC) is set to renovate Pazvakavambwa Clinic in Ward 5 for $43 500 using money it was allocated by the Government under devolution.

The RDC which currently has eight operational clinics in the district recently converted a farmhouse at Carfex into a modern clinic to shorten distances that villagers have to work to access health facilities.

The local authority is also purchasing a four wheel drive tractor from Zimplow for $364 000 using the money.

In an interview yesterday, Sanyati RDC chief executive Mr Achim said the council was renovating Pazvakavambwa clinic in order to improve the number of medical facilities in the district.

“We are renovating Pazvakavambwa clinic in ward 5 with part of the money that we received from the Government under devolution and we expect the renovations to cost about $43 500. We are doing this so that we bring health care facilities closer to the villagers in Sanyati,” he said.

“We are currently computing the bill of quantities for the materials required to renovate the clinic and once we finish we will then start the renovations.”

Mr Shadaya said Pazvakavambwa clinic would assist villagers of ward 5 and other surrounding areas in accessing medical support.

“We have 8 operational clinics and these are Sanyati ward 18, Chirikiti ward 9, Muuyu ward 8, Chegutu 6 ward 7, Black Morval ward 3, Patchway ward 2, Halfway ward 1 and Carfex 4. Pazvakavambwa clinic will also assist villagers and farmers in the district,” he said.

“We believe this will help the people of ward 5 and those in surrounding areas in accessing health care facilities. This particular ward has been behind as health care delivery is concerned.

‘‘We want to do away with situations where patients walk long distances just to access health care facilities. The renovation of Pazvakavambwa clinic is expected to address all the health provisions of ward 5 and other areas as we are moving to bring health care closer to the villagers.”

He said the RDC was also going to purchase a four wheel drive tractor from Zimplow trading as Farmec for $364 000 under devolution money.


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