Early Xmas cheer for Epworth orphans 

Source: Early Xmas cheer for Epworth orphans –Newsday Zimbabwe

Chinese company, Hunan Business, has given orphans in Epworth an early Christmas present by donating groceries and paying school fees for the academically gifted.

Hunan Business in Zimbabwe chairperson Zhuolin Song said the donation was part of their corporate social responsibility programme.

“The children we are giving are either raised by social workers or aunties or uncles. We are going to pay school fees for 20 learners who are academically gifted,” Zhuolin said.

“We are following the Chinese old saying that instead of giving people fish, you got to teach them how to fish.”

One of the beneficiaries, a learner at St Dominican Convent in Harare, who was adopted by Chinese parents, Jubilance Chipunza, said life had never been the same.

“I was then adopted by my Chinese parents who are now taking care of all my needs. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to them,” she said.

“Our prayers are that the Almighty continues to bless our all-weather Chinese friends who showed us true love.”