ED launches his first-ever biography 

Source: ED launches his first-ever biography – NewsDay Zimbabwe

By Silence Mugadzaweta
President Emmerson Mnangagwa this morning launched his first ever biography ‘A Life of Sacrifice’ – chronicling his life as a freedom fighter, struggle and sacrifices before and in post-independence Zimbabwe. The biography, which is the first of its kind, and traces Mnangagwa’s life as a freedom fighter until he assumed the country’s Presidency.


The book, written by former MDC Alliance Bulawayo MP, economist and businessman Eddie Cross sold over 50 380 copies @US$15 immediately after the virtual launch spread over three venues in Harare.


‘A Life Of Sacrifice’ is the first ever biography of the President, and according to his spokesman George Charamba is “remarkably” detailed and traces his tumultuous life during the liberation struggle when he escaped the noose by a whisker, to suffer a 10-year imprisonment in colonial Rhodesia. Mnangagwa rejoined other freedom fighters in Mozambique until in 1980 when he was involved in the reintegration of colonial and freedom fighters to establish one army.


Cross gave a front seat experience on the life of Mnangagwa as the protagonist.


“A key detail to emerge from the launch is that Eddie Cross was a chaplain at the time President Mnangagwa was a D-Class prisoner. Cross disclosed that the then guerrilla leader was not even allowed to attend church service,” presidential spokesperson George Charamba observed.


‘A Life Of Sacrifice’ contains historical artefacts that archives Mnangagwa’s life.


Rachel Jambaya who published the book noted: “It has been a gift and honour being part of this project which will forever lie in the tremendous history of Zimbabwe. A man who embodies huge contribution to the development of Zimbabwe and his journey through the most defining moments. A must have book.”



Cross said the book honoured Mnangagwa’s role in the liberation of the country.
“It was one of the great privileges in my life. I realised that you are a supreme debater. I know what it is like to be a prisoner. Today, we acknowledge your role for what you have been doing and are doing for the nation Zimbabwe,” he said.


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    Ndebele 1 year ago

    This is truly fantastic. The entire world will be on an all time high. ED and Jacob Zuma are both world liberators like Hitler. Eddie Cross is truly heading for Hero Status with a secure plot at Heroe’s Acre. Zanu will award Eddie with the ultimate honour of being Zanu’s Top Electronic Mujiba. Of course the murder of Piet Oberholzer by the crocodile gang never happened, the 20 000 genocide of the Matabele civilians never happened, Terry Ford was not murdered by Zanu, and there were no civilians ever shot by ZNA in Harare in the Second Republic – and of course, the Bond Note will be the strongest currency in Africa – just ask Chicken Legs deep in the heart of darkest Africa – everybody is clamouring for the Eddie Bond Note. Like Perrence Shiri – Covid will be a wonderful Grim Reaper for Zanu. RIP Eddie?

  • comment-avatar
    Makaranga 1 year ago

    Nothing like “singing for your last supper?”

  • comment-avatar
    Kabanga 1 year ago

    His “first ever autobiography”: how many autobiographies can a man have? Sounds like a bootlicking load of twaddle much along the lines of Cross’s economic commentaries.

    • comment-avatar
      Ndebele 1 year ago

      Hopefully Hero Eddie has named the Zanu Hero who bayoneted seven month old Natasha Glenny to death in Chimanimani on the 29th September, 1977. Was it another member of Eddie’s peace loving Crocodile gang? The world at large needs to start smelling these Zanu roses – like the stench of 20 000 Matabelel civilians from the Gukuruhundi. But at least we all know where Eddie’s heart truly lies….

  • comment-avatar
    Mpopota 1 year ago

    Mugabe had David Martin as his praise singer. Now we have Lucky Eddy.

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    MILES R ANDERSON 1 year ago

    How wonderful! I have a better title ‘A Life of sacrifice by Everyone Else’

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 1 year ago

    “A LIFE OF SACRIFICE”?…yes but who was really sacrificed?
    Not our scheming Mnangagwa.
    He boasted in the past that he had managed to trick Smith’s special police into believing that he was a Zambian citizen and as a result he was not hung along with the rest of the crocodile gang that killed Oberholzer.
    Now all of us who lived during the Smith’s special police times know that whatever else they were they were not stupid.
    They made a very sweet deal with Mnangagwa that led to the sacrifice of many of us…but not Mnangagwa.
    As George Charamba tells us Mnangagwa escaped the noose by a whisper. But in truth it was many whispers by Mnangagwa into the ears of Smith’s special police.
    But very sad to see Eddie Cross singing for his supper again.

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    J. Matabeleland 1 year ago

    Can anyone tell me what planet Eddie Cross thinks he is living on? Surely there is enough evidence now to confirm that not all “liberation Heroes” should be viewed through a rose tinted , sweet smelling lens! Dream on Eddie!

  • comment-avatar
    harper 1 year ago

    Yes he has sacrificed the truth on the altar self aggrandisement.