Eubert Angel introduces US$1 ambulance service

Source: Eubert Angel introduces US$1 ambulance service – The Standard

Zimbabwe’s health services continue to be bedeviled by the unavailability of public ambulance services, and the private ambulance services have remained largely unaffordable to many. As a result, people continue to die because they would have failed to get to a healthcare centre in time.

Discovery Ambulance Services, established in Zimbabwe as an investment initiative brought by Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large Eubert Angel, is a potential game changer in saving lives. The ambulance service so far boasts of 50 ambulances and for a monthly subscription of just USD1, Zimbabweans can have access to ambulance services from anywhere in the country.

“The introduction of the $1 Ambulance Service is a monumental step towards addressing the dire need for accessible emergency medical care in Zimbabwe,” said Angel’s Spokesperson, Tendai Murumbi,  “No one should lose their life due to the unavailability or unaffordability of ambulance services. We are committed to providing a lifeline to those in need.”

The service also offers some free ambulance services to the elderly, recognizing their vulnerability and the importance of timely medical assistance.

David Munowenyu, a medical expert who was brought in by Angel from his former base South Africa to invest in Zimbabwe, emphasized the company’s mission, stating, “Our thrust is to offer the most affordable and efficient ambulance services. We have a plan to have at least 600 ambulances in the next five years, multiplying our current fleet by twelve. With this expansion, we aim to ensure that no one is left stranded during emergencies.”


Munowenyu further explained their proactive approach to emergency response, saying, “We have recognized that many people fail to get ambulance services during accidents. In response, we have devised a grand plan to station at least two ambulances at each tollgate, strategically positioned to respond swiftly to road traffic and other emergencies. This strategic deployment will significantly reduce response time and increase the chances of saving lives.”

To promote a culture of life-saving and equip individuals with essential first aid skills, Discovery Ambulance Services has undertaken free First Aid training programs in schools. These programs aim to empower students with the knowledge and skills required to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations. Munowenyu expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We believe that by educating the younger generation about first aid, we can foster a culture of preparedness and empower individuals to take prompt action during critical moments.”

With its commitment to affordability, efficiency, and community engagement, Discovery Ambulance Services is poised to revolutionize emergency medical care in Zimbabwe. The initiative’s ambitious plans for expansion and proactive approach to emergency response are expected to have a significant impact on reducing mortality rates and improving healthcare outcomes across the country.