Ex-detective fatally shoots 3 intruders

Source: Ex-detective fatally shoots 3 intruders – NewsDay Zimbabwe

By staff reporter
FORMER detective and now lawyer Joseph Nemaisa yesterday narrated events that led to him shooting dead three armed robbers who had held his family hostage in Harare yesterday.

A Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) identity card was reportedly found at the crime scene amid concern that most armed robberies were being committed by members of the security forces.

Nemaisa said he reacted to a call by his wife, brother-in-law and son who were being held hostage by armed robbers wielding an AK47 rifle and pistols.

Police said investigations were underway.

“We are still conducting investigations. We cannot confirm anything. We urge the media and the public to wait for the current investigations and we will issue a comprehensive statement tomorrow,” national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said.

Two of the armed robbers escaped from the scene.

In a video that went viral on social media, Nemaisa explained how he gunned down the suspects.

“This one is the one who was holding an AK47. I exchanged gunfire with him first, I shot him and he fell down. This guy who is the second one who is lying here, he took the AK47 from that other one and I shot him right in the head once and fell down,” Nemaisa said.

“Then that one lying there sent one of my sons to go and fetch one of their guns which had fallen down here. My son went and took the gun and gave it to him. He possibly thought I was going to shoot the moment my son came out, but then I was very patient and then he came out and I shot him then he fell down,” he narrated.

A police internal memo said a manhunt has since been launched for the two suspects who escaped from the scene, adding that a post-mortem would be conducted on the now-deceased.

In February this year, the military warned of rogue soldiers who were robbing unsuspecting people while in uniform.

The warning was given again in April with ZNA spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore saying criminals masquerading as soldiers and police officers were on the prowl, carrying out well-co-ordinated armed robberies.

In September last year, an army deserter and an ex-policeman were part of the 11-member gang that killed a man in Belvedere, Harare, after a robbery.