Father Zimbabwe inspires Second Republic

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Father Zimbabwe inspires Second Republic 
Dr Martin Rushwaya

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke

Senior Reporter

The Second Republic has laid a firm foundation based on the ideals of the late Vice President, Cde Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, who played a pivotal role in establishing Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.

This comes as the country yesterday celebrated the 25th anniversary of Dr Nkomo’s death, remembering the sacrifices he made for the country to emerge united in the aftermath of the liberation struggle.

In a statement, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Martin Rushwaya said the Second Republic holds dear the values instilled by the late Vice President.

“The Second Republic continues to uphold the ideals of Dr Nkomo, especially as the nation draws closer to the 44th anniversary of Heroes Day on August 12, 2024. The ideals are: unity, freedom, peace, patriotism, non-racialism, Unhu/Ubuntu, honesty, and steadfast commitment to national duty. These timeless ideas light the way for the Second Republic, as we work for a Zimbabwe that is more egalitarian, just and prosperous,” he said.

Dr Rushwaya said these values would drive the country towards the attainment of an upper middle-income economy, in line with the country’s national development agenda.

“As we work together to create a prosperous, knowledge-driven upper middle-class society that benefits all citizens, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment and support to His Excellency the President, Dr ED Mnangagwa, whose broad and inclusive agenda perpetuates Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo’s legacy. May his legacy live on in the hearts of all Zimbabweans, inspiring future generations to emulate his exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to the ideals of unity, equality, compassion and justice,” he added.

Through his work to foster national unity, Dr Nkomo was instrumental in the signing of the Unity Accord in 1987, bringing resolution to the civil conflict that ensued after the war of liberation.

He is remembered for his selfless acts, sacrificing personal gains for national interest.

The commemoration of Dr Nkomo’s death serves as a stark reminder of these sacrifices made by the late national hero.

Dr Rushwaya said the country would always hold these values dear.

“His pivotal role in leading the liberation struggle paved the way for the emergence of a sovereign Zimbabwe, and will forever resonate with the aspirations of our nation for total freedom and eternal self-determination,” he said.

“The notion of Unhu/Ubuntu, which is germane to Zimbabwe, and which persists in the thoughts and sentiments of the public as well as of the African continent, served as the foundation of Dr Nkomo’s steadfast spirit. The Unhu/Ubuntu philosophy guides the Second Republic and is a constant reminder of the value of dialogue, tolerance, inclusivity, and the pursuit of shared objectives for the greater good of our motherland, Zimbabwe.”

Dr Rushwaya said the late Vice President,

affectionately known as “Father Zimbabwe”, embodied a rare blend of patriotism, courage and selflessness.

This was evident through his voluntary sacrifice of his comfort to take part in the struggle to free Zimbabwe from the shackles of colonial oppression.

“His unwavering dedication to political and economic emancipation, stemming from his early involvement with progressive political movements, leave an enduring impression on Zimbabwe, the SADC sub-region, and the African continent at large. Dr Nkomo earned international admiration for his unwavering support for social justice and human decency, beyond his national heroism,” he added.

The late Dr Nkomo died in 1999 and was buried at the National Heroes Acre.