Fugitive former Zanu PF youth leader apologises to Mnangagwa 

Source: Fugitive former Zanu PF youth leader apologises to Mnangagwa – NewsDay Zimbabwe

FUGITIVE former Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth leader, Mubuso Chinguno, has written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other party leaders apologising for his unrestrained utterances at the height of the ruling party’s factional wars a few weeks ago.



In his letter of apology, Chinguno claimed that he was used by some selfish and misguided former Zanu PF leaders to specifically attack Mnangagwa, politburo members, Oppah Muchinguri, Christopher Mushohwe, youth leader Pupurai Togarepi, Monica and Christopher Mutsvangwa, war veterans secretary-general Victor Matemadanda and many others for blocking G40 machinations to succeed the former President Robert Mugabe.

“I highly commend the Zimbabwean people including President Emmerson Mnangagwa as well as members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces under the leadership of General Constantino Chiwenga for confounding the advocates of doom by peacefully changing their leadership,” wrote Chinguno from his new base in South Africa where he sought refuge following Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the throne.

“The Zimbabwe Defence Forces distinguished itself by efficiently launching and rolling out the ‘Operations Restore Legacy’ without any violation of human rights and destruction of property.”

Chinguno said he had learnt a lot from this incident and would like to apologise for his lack of guidance during his days as the provincial youth chair. He said the party should move with speed to indoctrinate the youths so that they ingrate and contribute towards the wellbeing of Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa became a butt of jokes during the short-lived G40 ascendency.

“Due to lack of leadership and clarity on some ethos of the party some of us miscalculated, disrespected some members of the leadership and might have unwittingly undermined the interests of the party.

“The statements were made in a context in which emotions were running wild but with many of us having no knowledge and experience of peacefully managing conflicts surrounding leadership change. Some of us, the youths, we lacked political guidance. Consequently, we made some wrong political decisions. However, to err is human,” he said.


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    Doris 5 years ago

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    I am not the one 5 years ago

    Grovel, slime, lie, creep, crawl, slide, slither, snake, worm…in other words a snivelling little sh#t, the type of which Zimbabwe is infested.

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    Rubbish! Why go into hiding n then purport to apologise from some dark hole? If the idiot wishes to apologise, then he should man up, come out on the open n show remorse to those he wronged. Who can ever accept an apology coming from some hidden voice. How does one even know that the voice is from the purported individual, who else is holed up in the same cave with the individual, and what are they really planning or plotting to do next? The guy might actually be together with Jonathan & Saviour plotting something very sinister right now. Nxaaaaaa!!!!!