Funds boost for police ahead of elections 

Funds boost for police ahead of elections 

Source: Funds boost for police ahead of elections | The Herald July 23, 2018

Funds boost for police ahead of elections
Snr Asst Comm Makodza

Herald Reporter
Treasury has released funds to help the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in its operations including deployments for next week’s harmonised elections. The police are expected to start deploying for the elections this week. ZRP Commander 2018 Harmonised Elections Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza said last week that law enforcement agents appreciated the support they got from the Judiciary through the establishment of special electoral courts.

“We want to thank Treasury for availing funds to acquire fuel, communication equipment, transport, stationery and uniforms,” he said.

“We are going to put these resources to good use and all commanders in the ZRP will be on the ground monitoring deployed personnel.

“We want to thank the Judiciary for setting up special courts to deal with criminals during the election period. We have 75 well-seasoned magistrates and five experienced judges of the High Court.”

Police officers, said Snr Asst Comm Makodza, had since been trained on laws governing the plebiscite, including the conduct that is expected from the force.

“We did a training workshop for all our members and officers on the plebiscite,” he said. “Training curriculum included policing of harmonised elections, the Electoral Act, Public Order and Security Act and the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

“We also trained them on human rights, designed a police booklet with guiding principles on the management of harmonised elections and common offences committed during the election period.”

Snr Asst Comm Makodza outlined some of the offences that carry mandatory sentences during the election cycle.
“Offences include publishing false information with the intention of disrupting or preventing an election or create hostility or fear in order to influence the conduct or outcome of an election and also the interference with a voter’s right to secrecy while casting their vote,” he said.

In addition to issuing prohibition orders to carrying dangerous weapons, the police have engaged political parties, civic organisations, faith-based organisations, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association, traditional leaders and the electorate to build consensus around promoting a peaceful, free and fair election.
Snr Asst Comm Makodza said they were now ready for the polls.

“Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General Godwin Thandabantu Matanga has visited all 10 provinces and has declared that they are ready to go for polls,” he said.

“He has held meetings with provincial commanders, directors and chief staff officers, giving them direction and management and administration of this plebiscite.”

ZRP National Command, which is operating at Police General Headquarters, is coordinating with provincial command centres and operating around the clock for the elections.

Snr Asst Comm Makodza added: “We are closely monitoring the situation on the ground nationally, including proactive identification of threats and vulnerabilities, as well as ensuring swift and coordinated police response,

“Currently, the country is enjoying peace and we appeal to all political leaders to advise their followers to observe State laws and conduct themselves responsibly.

President Mnangagwa has continued to preach peace throughout his campaign trail.