George Charamba: Zimbabwe Not ‘Dying to Rejoin Commonwealth’

Statements by minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin that Britain no longer supports Zimbabwe’s efforts to rejoin the Commonwealth due to recent violence, seems anticipated by presidential spokesman George Charamba, who said Zimbabwe is “not dying to rejoin” the colonial body, without no mutual gain.

Source: George Charamba: Zimbabwe Not ‘Dying to Rejoin Commonwealth’ – VOA



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    JRR56 4 years ago

    The commonwealth is not that overjoyed for Zimbabwe to rejoin either.No democracy = no re engagement with the world. The world has no interest in Zanu PF dictators and in particular their buffoon spokesperson. Seems he is from the Jono Moyo school of baloney

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    Nyoni 4 years ago

    Now how can we get ahead with people like this. Interestingly you don’t see a skinny Chef. So why should they worry about us hungry skinny Zimbabweans. And the world does nothing. 

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    Flick 4 years ago

    Those in the minority running, term used lightly, the country may not be dying to rejoin the Commonwealth. But what does the country itself, the majority, say ? Something different I bet.

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      Zviyo 4 years ago

      What is Zimbabwe dying to do George!
      Zimbabwe is for sure dying in everybody’s eyes except this stupid George.
      Grace humiliated this minion bcause he sometimes develops a supriority complex and big headedness. The tonic in dealing with Geogi is Grace Mugabe.

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    ace mukadota 4 years ago

    Nobody cares what Zw does Comrade George !

  • comment-avatar
    Sammy 4 years ago

    Go Geogi!! Try to beat your record of a thousand lies per minute!!