Govt finalising industrial policy 

Govt finalising industrial policy 

Source: Govt finalising industrial policy | The Herald 07 JUN, 2018

Govt finalising industrial policy
Dr Bimha

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
Government is finalising the formulation of a new Zimbabwe National Industrialisation Policy 2018-2022 centred on developing and facilitating industrial linkages across all sectors of the economy.

Speaking during a tour of Sable Chemicals by President Mnangagwa yesterday, Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha said Sable Chemicals was one of the strategic companies to the success of the country’s industrialisation agenda.

“The Zimbabwe National Industrialisation Policy 2018 -2022 is centred on development and facilitation of industrial linkages across key sectors of the economy namely agriculture, mining manufacturing and services,” he said.

“Sable Chemicals is thus one company with a unique product that is vital to both the agricultural and mining sectors.”

Minister Bimha said Sable Chemicals was important in the country’s industrialisation vision as it cuts across all sectors of the economy.

He said the development of industries in the country was centred on strategically positioned companies like Sable Chemicals.

“It (Sable Chemicals) makes extensive use of both road and rail transport, insurance and other services,” said Minister Bimha.

“As such, my ministry is dedicated to see an improvement in the capacity utilisation at Sable,” he said.