Govt takes over Tsholotsho Stadium construction 

Govt takes over Tsholotsho Stadium construction 

Source: Govt takes over Tsholotsho Stadium construction | The Herald July 6, 2018

Govt takes over Tsholotsho Stadium construction
Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired)

Bulawayo Bureau
GOVERNMENT has resolved to take over the construction of Tsholotsho Stadium, with Matabeleland North expected to be transformed into the country’s prime tourism and energy hub, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has said. Speaking during a zanu-pf rally at Tsholotsho Business Centre on Wednesday, VP Chiwenga said Matabeleland North was endowed with rich mineral resources and wildlife, including the mighty Victoria Falls, making it an ideal centre for tourism and energy.

“The zanu-pf Government will implement devolution of power and responsibility once elected into power, which will see each and every town and province benefiting from its own resources depending on the varying sectors of economy they specialise in,” he said.

“In Matabeleland North, the province is rich in minerals and tourism, hence under the devolved system of governance, it will be the country’s centre for tourism and energy.”

VP Chiwenga said under the devolved governance system, Ministers of State responsible for the administration of provinces will have an added responsibility to ensure that their respective provinces are economically viable.

“Our top priority is to ensure that before resources are channelled to central Government, they should first benefit the local community and to this end, we are also going to complete the construction of Tsholotsho Stadium,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said Government would also speed up the construction of houses for Tsholotsho flood victims, as well as fix the sewer and water reticulation system.

He said major roads linking Tsholotsho with Lupane, Bulawayo and Plumtree will be rehabilitated.
VP Chiwenga said there was also need to give local residents first preference to train at the Tsholotsho Nursing School.
“We want to set up more vocational training centres in Tsholotsho so that our youths acquire technical skills,” he said.

“We are also aware of the challenges faced by our people in terms of access to education and in light of that, we are saying the Government is working on increasing funding under the Beam facility.
“Children whose parents cannot raise school fees should not be excluded from class.”

VP Chiwenga said Matabeleland North is a drought-prone province characterised by a low rainfall pattern, hence the need to promote livestock farming.

“In Matabeleland North, we have a challenge of drought and floods and it is our obligation to provide our people with grain and rice,” he said.

“The President (Cde Mnangagwa) has already launched Command Livestock in Matabeleland South and very soon it will be rolled out in this province.

“We are also revamping the Cold Storage Company (CSC) in Bulawayo, Masvingo and Chinhoyi so that our farmers have a ready market for their cattle.”

VP Chiwenga said the Gwayi-Shangani Dam will help address the critical water shortages affecting local communities as the pipeline to Bulawayo will provide water for irrigation and other domestic uses for communities along the pipeline.

He condemned the terror attack that occurred in Bulawayo at White City Stadium where 49 people were injured and two later died in hospital, saying the net was closing in on the suspects.

He said elections would go ahead as planned and urged party supporters to pray for peace in the run up to the elections.
VP Chiwenga told the party supporters that he had been sent by President Mnangagwa to ask for their support by voting for zanu-pf in the July 30 harmonised elections and vote for the zanu-pf National Assembly, Senate and local authority candidates.

“Our presidential candidate anointed by the Lord whom we will be voting for is Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and the National Assembly, as well as local authority candidates are the ones you chose here in Tsholotsho,” he said.

“If we vote for our candidates, we then know that those that are going to women’s quota would have sailed through.”


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    Ndebele 4 years ago

    More brilliant bulldust from ZANU. Send the Fifth Brigade in to commit a 20 000 civilian genocide. Then have a coup with the backing of the Brits to get Mugabe out. Then build the victims’ families a football stadium and tell the world and Matabeleland that ZANU including ED, Chiwenga and Shari are now “born again angels.” Next – get Eddie Cross to sing from the same hymn sheet. “ZANU and ED are great!”