Guspy Warrior seeks collaboration with Salif Keita

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Guspy Warrior seeks collaboration with Salif Keita 
Guspy Warrior

Entertainment Editor

Dream or reality?

Somehow this is a story of oil and water not mixing, but miracles do happen if you believe. 

Of late local musicians have been collaborating with foreign artistes and many have been asking if they receive the same treatment each time they go abroad to perform or do they get airplay?

Or it’s just a collaboration?

Music is a universal language, hence it cuts across borders.

No matter what genre, be it hip-hop, Afro-fusion, kwaito, or rhythm and blues, musicians still collaborate. 

Eight-time Zimdancehall award winner Guspy Warrior has announced that he wants to collaborate with Mali star Salif Keita, and this has caused a stir among his fans, with others saying that the two genres don’t mix while others said it is possible as music is about art and creativity.

If he once did it with his father gospel legend Mechanic Manyeruke, who can say no?

Time will tell, if this will also be the biggest unexpected collaboration in Africa.

Speaking to The Herald Arts, Guspy Warrior said his management has already sent an email to Salif Keita and were waiting for a response.

“I have already written the song, ‘Waito’ which means ‘waiting with the expression’. It is a term that I have created and Salif Keita is suitable for that song. I know there is a debate over the collaboration. Just wait and see the magic I am going to create if he agrees,” he said.

The ‘Seunononga’ hitmaker said he started admiring Salif Keita during the Harare International Festival of Arts, (HIFA) when the Mali artiste used to perform.

“I was a bit young, but I remember his performances very well before and after HIFA. I used to have his posters in my bedroom, singing in the shower and I told my dad that one day I wanted to meet Salif Keita,” said Guspy Warrior.

“I have written the song long back and thought now is the time to engage him. I have re-branded and as you can see it’s the new Guspy Warrior.”

Guspy Warrior said Salif Keita was his role model. The talented musician was overwhelmed with the support from fans after his new video, “Million Dollar” has been trending on social media.

“Fans are surprised with the new me, but I am still the same Guspy Warrior. The video was inspired by money, that we should be motivated to make money. It was produced by Movy-D and was shot in Harare.”

What makes the video unique is that it was directed by popular local hip-hop guru ‘Beefy’.

Beefy is known for hosting hip-hop awards and is much inclined to that genre, but now he has turned over a new leaf directing Zimdancehall videos, something which has surprised many.

Is he bringing the a cleaner version of hip-hop considering that Zimdancehall is associated with raunchy lyrics?

Contacted for comment, Beefy said he was just assisting Guspy Warrior based on their friendship.

“I am not his manager, but we have been good friends since time immemorial. I wanted to bring a light and clean version to  his video, something that will meet international standards,” said Beefy.

Guspy Warrior has said 2024 started on a good note and fans should expect more hits.

“I will be releasing videos and singles every fortnight until the Guspy Warrior project is done. I am still a Zimdancehall musician though will be adding the trap side. This year I plan to have tours to Nigeria, Mali, SA, UK, and the US.” 

Meanwhile,Guspy Warrior  has rubbished speculation that he was now into acting.

“I did a musical project with South African actor Wiseman Mncube of the popular shows, ‘House of Zwide’, ‘Shaka Ilembe’ and ‘The Wife’ among others.

“So pictures of us together circulated and people thought I was venturing into acting. For now, I am content with music, which is my passion. 

“I don’t like acting, I am a real-life person. Many also do not know I did a soundtrack of the ‘Blood and Water’ series on seasons 1 and 2 on, ‘Dhora’ song.”