Hardships pfee! Suffer continue

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My People,

I am very much aware of the fact that most of you, like me, are very disappointed with the election outcome.

Letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

Most of you, particularly the young people, had placed your hopes on Nelson Chamisa winning the elections for a better future.

But all those hopes have been dashed by the “funny” results that were announced which Chamisa has labelled as fake.

Even I am also shocked because the continued stay in power by the junta means The Great Gushungo and myself, including family businesses, will now be at the mercy of Dhakisi Ngwena and other soldiers in civilian suits such as revorushinari shenanigans.

As a family, we have always been under constant attacks by the junta since the coup in November last year and our family businesses and security have been the most affected.

We had supported Chamisa and his MDC Alliance in the hope that if they won, they would protect our family interests.

As such, it simply means for the next five years, Zimbabweans have condemned themselves to more hardships and a poor standard of living.

Cash shortages will continue to be felt as people resort to buying their own currency on the streets.

Corruption, especially in the employment sector, will continue as jobs will only be reserved for relatives while families will continue to be destroyed as people will seek jobs and better standards of living in foreign lands.

The results that came from some rural areas were surprising. What exactly do those people really get from their party to come out in such large numbers?

In desperation, some people have cynically hinted at some sort of two governments arrangement that would see ED ruling the rural areas with Uzumba as his capital, while Chamisa rules the urban areas with Harare as the capital.

One irate urbanite wailed: “I cannot be an unemployed graduate simply because some herd boy has been given a cup of fertiliser which makes him vote for some tired old men and women who have failed to deliver a good life for us for almost 40 years.”


The elections which have just gone by will no doubt provide some very good lessons for the petulant Chamisa and his political formations.

One of those is humility towards fellow politicians without arrogance.

You lose nothing by respecting your rivals such as Thokozani Khupe and Joice Mujuru. A perception that you have no respect for women is the last thing that you want, especially when you are known to offer your sister to settle debts.

Appearing to favour younger and beautiful candidates ahead of those who are older will certainly lose you a few, but precious votes as happened in the Jessie Majome case.

The big brother mentality that has always existed in the MDC of bullying and trying to outsmart fellow alliance members can only weaken the alliance.

Hence, there were many seats that the alliance lost to Zanu PF in Bulawayo, Goromonzi and other parts of the country due to double fielding of candidates.

The examples are too numerous to mention, but you don’t win voters by going to rural areas and dazzling them with roadshows.

You need to work on building solid structures in rural areas which will continue to function even in your absence.

Well done eNCA, SABC

Anybody watching Dead BC during election days, especially in the earlier part, would have been excused for not knowing that there were elections going on in Zimbabwe.

As they would say in street lingo, there was dololo on Dead BC.

However, it was left to our brothers and sisters from South Africa from eNCA and SABC who provided comprehensive coverage of our elections and kept Zimbabweans up to date on developments in their country.

What became clear was that Dead BC is way out of its depth when it comes to covering events like elections.

There was obviously no comprehensive planning or budget for covering the elections in a professional way, resulting in many people relying on foreign news networks to provide reliable news on elections in Zimbabwe.

Priscilla WaBantu

You can always count on sister Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga to say or pull some interesting stunts.

The latest was her call for women to go to their polling stations with no underwear which would help remind them to vote for female candidates.

I am not too sure how many women took up the offer to be a Zodwa Wabantu for a few hours.

Zimbabwean lives matter!

When soldiers are used to solve political issues such as the coup staged in November 2017, they will always return for another assignment if they feel they are needed.
It was, therefore, sad to see our own soldiers being called in to put down a march by disgruntled political activists.

Even worse was the use of live ammunition to shoot dead unarmed civilians. During the same week, police chased away journalists attending a press conference.
Looks like Koffi Oromide can’t do much thinking beyond using guns. And he wants to be the next president!

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)

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