I’m Alive and Well – VP Constantino Chiwenga (VIDEO)

Source: I’m Alive and Well – VP Constantino Chiwenga (VIDEO) – Nehanda TV

Back from emergency treatment in Cape Town, South Africa, Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga uses an appearance on state media TV to state that he is “alive and well”.

Chiwenga was receiving treatment in South Africa, the second time in four months, after falling ill last week. He initially checked in at a private hospital but travelled to Cape Town for further treatment.


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    mbuya Emily 3 years ago

    iiiiiiii bambo varwara ava.
    wrong choice of words even….

  • comment-avatar
    Angel gily 3 years ago

    Makabata panopisa mudhara going slowly BT surely

  • comment-avatar
    Judgment day 3 years ago

    Ko Nhuta iya yaanoti anechirwere chinoitisa ganda rake ritsvuke chaendepi kusviba kunge svosve mukange kudaro. Ko kuzvibvunza kuti vanhu varikumbopengereyi chaizvo. Very dilusional and out of touch with reality. You don’t give yourself life with all that money you steal from the people, God does. The spirits of those you killed are eating you from the inside its just a matter of time we will be reading about you being buried at that fake heroes acre with all the other murderers.

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    Sambo 3 years ago

    Ha mdhara ava vazoti pfee minzira manje. Kusvibira uko kutoora vachifambazve uku. Ha ngavatekaire zvavo hatichadi nezvavo isu.?

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    Dubbozimbo 3 years ago

    Bet you’d be freshly planted at Heroes Acre if you had been in a Zim hospital.  

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    pastor Jack 3 years ago

    U will be fine in Jesus name. I command all sicknesses in u. I say out in Jesus name Amen. Dont judge anyone, let us pray for him.

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    If ever there was a dead man walking this is he.

    If you don’t believe me just take a long hard look at the photographs given.

    Very soon there will be many false cries of rest in peace.

    But no tears!

    And he well deserves such a farewell.

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    Elson Greens 3 years ago

    Apera uyo ngaachiita chigandanga tione

  • comment-avatar
    Mutongi Gava 3 years ago

    Ndopaunofunga kuti even if you amass wealth, mari hayitenge hutano. Kana vakashaina nekuita charter private planes dzekunorapwa, tafanana. Whether you go to American, or whatever best hospitals, kana nguva yakwana makafanana neuyo ari pa Nazareth pemahara.

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    Mutongi Gava 3 years ago

    Hanzi na Pastor Alf Lukau, ‘This man stepped on a lion’s tale’. Ane paakabata pane rukwa.

  • comment-avatar
    Divah dollar 3 years ago

    Kule varwara ava umm

  • comment-avatar
    Fungi 3 years ago

    I dont wish you dead but out of the parliament yu must leave

  • comment-avatar
    shusta leo 3 years ago

    I agree with fungi he mst leav kut  ape vamwe nguva yekutevera de lyks yegarwe