JOHANNESBURG – Social media users were on Friday reflecting the general confusion around the situation in Zimbabwe and whether President Robert Mugabe will actually relinquish power.

It’s totally not a coup, it’s a tank-facilitated organizational restructuring @bmgachewa  

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If it looks like a Koo and tastes like a Koo then it is a Koo   @SakinaKamwendo

On Tuesday, the army in Zimbabwe made a number of aggressive moves in what seemed like a coup, with Mugabe reportedly being placed under house arrest and a number of ministers arrested.

South Africa has been leading the SADC negotiations in that country, aimed at establishing a democratic order in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe however appeared at a graduation ceremony on Friday, Twitter was confused as to whether anything will come off the military’s posturing.

Nothing says “there has been a coup” more than a man in military uniform appearing unannounced on state TV late at night to say “there has not been a coup”. 

I have just realised something:
The international community is confused about whether this is a coup or not. In fact, it is not a coup. It is a “Bond Coup” – it has a 1:1 value with a coup but can only be used in Zimbabwe. – Author Unknown   asleep

 yesterday I was in a coup world having the feeling that Mugabe is goin n now that coup confusing me, it looks like they r now couple

I heard that when he is about to sign the resignation letter he falls asleep…then they have to start all over again to explain the process   

These guys actually pulled a coup on our understanding of what a coup is.???

My theory: Someone no longer wanted someone else living in the same house with him, and so decided to stage the whole thing!!