It is easier for a ‘hooligan’ to enter the kingdom of God, than an oppressive leader

Source: It is easier for a ‘hooligan’ to enter the kingdom of God, than an oppressive leader – The Zimbabwean

This morning I woke up contemplating the meaning of the popular Shona saying, “Zvakaoma sekunamata”, and came up with several very interesting, but powerful conclusions.

Obviously, the very first thought that came to my mind was the very simplistic explanation on how most of us find it literally hard to get down on our knees everyday to pray to our Almighty Jehovah God – as we always find one excuse or another, such as, “I am in a hurry”, or “I am too tired”, or “I am too busy”.

However, the second explanation was a bit more complex, as it touched on just how difficult it is to adhere to the commandments and will of God, such that most of us fail.

However, due to the abundant wealth of grace of our Father in Heaven, we have a chance at repentance and forgiveness through His Son Christ Jesus.

In fact, through that Grace, we are even able to overcome those weaknesses.

The question that then arises is: “how many of us actually understand and acknowledge that we are sinners and, thus, fall short of the glory of God?”

That is where the adage, “zvakaoma sekunamata” comes in.

When I was thinking on these things, the Bible scripture in Matthew 21:31 swifly came to my mind, when Jesus said: “…verily I say to you, that the tax collectors and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you”.

What our Lord and Savior was simply saying was that, tax collectors and prostitutes – and all those that we have labelled ‘sinners’ – had been throughly vilified and made to feel so condemned, that they are most likely to accept the mercy and forgiveness of Jehovah God, as opposed to the rest of the population who make themselves feel righteous.

That is why the Bible has so many stories of tax collectors, such as Zacchaeus, and harlots – as Mary Magdalene – who readily and openly accepted Jesus as the Messiah – yet, the Pharisees regarded themselves as righteous and rejected Him.

We all know what Christ had to say about these Pharisees – ‘whitewashed tombs’, ‘hypocrites’, and so much more unsavory, but true, names.

Today, the same scenario still prevails, as nations continue to quickly label certain people as ‘sinners’, whilst, others – who are just as ‘sinful’ – are treated like royalty and righteous.

Christians in particular, have been the main perpetrators of this travesty – as we have tended to ignore blatant sins within our own nations, yet do not hesitate to point fingures at certain ‘sinners’.

This has meant that, those we readily pinpoint as ‘sinners’, will most likely also readily acknowledge their sins, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ, and the full truth of His Word.

Yet, we have leaders in our nations who are dictators and tyrants – who oppress, subjugate, and brutalise their own people – but, we continue to look the other way, whilst at the same time heaping praises on them, and sitting them on the high table in our churches.

We even go to the extent of calling leaders who clearly have blood on their hands, and have turned the lives of those they are supposed to lead and protect into living hell – ‘God sent’, ‘anointed by God’, and so many other mighty and wonderful words.

We have made these leaders feel so vindicated and correct in what they are doing – even making it appear as if Jehovah Himself approves of their ways.

So, how would they ever know and acknowledge that they are just as sinful as those ‘hooligans’ who destroyed shops just a few days ago – and, as such, none is better than the other.

As violence of any nature should never be condoned – whether by people who claim to be demonstrating for justice, yet wantonly destroying other’s livelihoods…or, those in a position of power and are meant to be the custodians of justice, peace and development, yet brutalise and destroy the lives of those they lead.

Both need repentance of their sins.

In fact, all of us need repentance, for God clearly says that ‘for ALL have sinned and fall short of His glory’.

Thus, as long as the Church does not preach this true Word of God, and shies away – or fears aways – from preaching even to those in power and their ‘sinful’ ways, then we would have failed in our calling.

We will have to answer before our Lord Jesus Christ – the righteous and ultimate Judge – as to why we never spoke the truth, and allowed these leaders to perish in their sins – as we made them believe that they were doing  nothing wrong, but in fact, were ‘God sent and anointed’.

The Bible says, by so doing, we will have their blood on our hands.

Yes, it can be very dangerous to tell a tyrant that what they are doing is wrong in the eyes of God – but, as Christians, should we fear men, or God?

It is better to fear He who can destroy both body and spirit, than to fear he who can only destroy my body, but not my spirit – in fact, greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world.

We, as the Church of God, are supposed – as our Jehovah appointed duty – to preach the truth of His Word to all – without fear or favour, as our preaching is not to judge, but to bring the message of salvation to all.

No one has any right to pass judgement on anyone – as even I struggle with some serious sin on a daily basis – but, can only point out to what is ‘sinful’ in the eyes of Jehovah – with the hope that we all move away from that life through the grace of God.

Only Jesus Christ will be the Judge.

Those of us who have ever watched ZBC TV’s ‘Another Chance’ program will fully appreciate how those we readily label ‘wrong-doers’, ‘criminals’ and ‘sinners’, also readily acknowledge their mistakes, and even become some of the most powerful in the Word of God.

Yet, we make our leaders – who have brutalised and oppressed the nation – feel correct, and even blessed, in what they are doing, such that they miss out on that chance of truly being in the realm of the kingdom of God – as they will seldom view themselves as sinners needing repentance.

For sure, it is true that, “zvakaoma sekunamata”, as some of us miss out on an opportunity of being part of the greatest kingdom ever created – the kingdom of God – as we refuse to see any wrong in what we do, or how we run the nations entrusted to us by that same God.

Yet, those we easily call ‘sinners’, quickly take advantage of that door to salvation through Christ Jesus.

Indeed, “the tax collectors and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before us”.

° Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and speaker. Please feel free to call: +263782283975, or email: