MDC Youths Stage Protests in Harare, Demand Election Re-run

via MDC Youths Stage Protests in Harare, Demand Election Re-run by Thomas Chiripasi 17.08.2013

HARARE — Suspected MDC supporters today staged protests in some Harare high density suburbs expressing dismay over the outcome of the July 31 elections.

The protesters claimed that the polls were rigged by President Robert and his Zanu PF party.

Scores of people suspected to be Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s supporters staged peaceful protests in Harare’s Highfield and Mufakose high density suburbs demanding a re-run of the July 31 national elections.

One of the unidentified demonstrators, who addressed his fellow protestors, said they will not allow President Robert Mugabe to remain in power following the recent presidential election he won with a wide margin.

President Mugabe’s Zanu PF party won with a landslide victory against Mr. Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change although the prime minister remains adamant that the polls were fundamentally flawed.

The unidentified protester said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should release all material used in the July 31 elections to allow Zimbabweans to scrutinize it.


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    jongwe power 9 years ago

    The only thing that protests do is give the police and CIOs more target practice. They can forget about the election results being released, because all that matters now is that the folks at SADC don’t give a hoot.

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    Gogodera 9 years ago

    Rise Zimbabwe, rise
    for your right,
    for your Jobs,
    for your better roads,
    for your Electricity,
    for your treated water,
    for your vote,
    for your voice,
    for your better house,
    for your better standard of living,
    for your better salaries,
    for your better jobs.
    rise munhu mutema rise.

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    Too little too late, only pray to God that He must not allow us Zims to suffer. 2 Chr 20:15 ‘the battle is God’s’

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    not to waste time just try something big do or die situation should start now

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    can someone please explain to me how tsvangirai is going to change our lives and how exactly he is going to make jobs available in this country. im sure im not the only one with that question. pliz enlighten me.

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      You want someone to explain it to you here? Why don’t you download their manifesto!!

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      Chara 9 years ago

      Wega haugaye sei. No serious investors except the Chinese who are plandering our resources would want to invest under Zanu Pf rule. Without investment the economy will not grow and the rest you can take a guess. Simple mathematics Band.

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    Tinzweiwo 9 years ago

    To protest the recently publisized result is just a waste of time for the youth in Harare high density surburbs.Comrade Tsvangie is busy enjoying life in the low density surburbs of Harare.Never allow yourselve to be used by some people who will never come to you should you fall in problems.In Zim we say each man for himself but God for us all.

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    Joseph 9 years ago

    Easy,his masters will send big companies to Zimbabwe and they will give him a lot of money to run the country in fact they will run Zimbabwe behind him,that’s why our wise President is fighting for economical freedom.

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    Wow Mr mdc should just have to go with the flow,and enjoy his retirement and shut his piehole

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    So what do u prefer languishing in poverty just because you don’t want the so called foreign masters and sticking to the same man for the rest of whoever knows or just accepting the hard fact that a very few countries have ever made it without the help of these masters and non of these countries are in Africa. Maybe Morgan doesn’t have something new to offer but we are sure that for the past 33 years our lives have actually gone for the worst…so why can’t w just have change for once and afterwards we explore our options…

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    Bere Nembada 9 years ago

    This is a good sign…..If i was in Harare I would certainly would have been part of this group expressing anger and dismay in a public show… Thanks guys and keep up the spirit!!!!!!

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    Joseph 9 years ago

    We can’t allow ourselves to be colonised for the sake of our stomach.

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      my friend this is 2013…which country gets to be colonised era…u seem to have been brainwashed by your uncle…you think those masters you keep on saying they want to colonise us will just say ‘hey we gave you power to rule so give us diamonds, platinum, etc for free’. If you think so then you are dump and I don’t even know how you were able to open this webpage…western countries are just fighting for turf my friend, they just need to be the first buyers to our natural resources be it our diamond or whatever and the ones to supply us with other neccessities not the hogwash you have been fed…google up with ur phone and look for countries that have been colonised and give m a name…

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    mutakura 9 years ago

    Bands you are a fool. How can u expect tsvangirai to provide u with jobs when results are blatantly and shamelesly rigged and his democratic right to rule is denied? We have so many idiots in zanupf who think that its only the mdc who cant get jobs education good health food and happines. Everyone is affected except the few thieves in zanupf

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    mhofu 1m 9 years ago

    Keep on guy we are prous 0f u protesting is e key to political stabilit in zim

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    Zimbabwe 9 years ago

    To be honest…im glad Zanu PF won these elections. Just take a step back and look at the bigger picture. A Zanu PF win gives us the youth and leaders of the future a platform to set our own agenda. My father told me that at my age we he wasn’t sitting around waiting for fortune to smile down on him but he slapped her and she has respected him for it ever since. I understand the frustrations of my fellow youth however protesting is going to help us my brothers and sisters but taking the bull by the horns will. Just look at S.A great road network, infrastructure, stable economy and good relations with world. On the other had massive debt of over US$200 billion, highest crime rate in the world, endless corruption, black poverty no lower then it was during apartheid, striking miners killed in there dozens but we envy that. You watch dstv, sabc and etv and think thats the real S.A???? You honestly the people live like the characters on their shows???? Wake up!!! You want somthing you have to take it. Just like our brave liberation heros…they didn’t sit on bridges smoking weed and drinking codine all day then complain that things wern’t right. Lets stop complaining and be a part making Zimbabwe the greatest country in Africa and maybe one day the world. I don’t know great nation or civilization that waited for “investors”. The greeks, romans, persians, british, americans,chinese. None of them reached their heights on handouts. If we can’t do it for ourselves you think their going to come and do for us????

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    Sad Zimbo 9 years ago


    “The greeks, romans, persians, british, americans,chinese. None of them reached their heights on handouts.”

    No, they reached their heights by military might. Are you suggesting Zimbabwe builds up a huge army and attacks other African countries?

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      Zimbabwe 9 years ago

      That is true they were and some still are military power-houses however what they did best was be at the forefront of technological, philosophical and religous discovery. Yes military power is important but the rest are just as important. Read up on soft power my friend

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    Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

    Sad zimbo

    Shame you are so negative and have a bad vibe people like you I would never what to be around you must be very poor and stupid and even blame Mugabe for your negative approach and stupidity

    Please Please I beg stop it, your pull down mentality is bad.

    Zimbabwe wrote positive and nice uplifting comments.
    Your obsession with Morgan is now just too much and please your are so sad with your shortness and blame everyone doing well in Zimbabwe,please stop misleading everyone

    you so bad and negative to be around I just got so depressed with your follow up comment on Zimbabwe’s positive outlook to life and you bass him
    Go get lost man