Kadoma water shortages continue

Source: Kadoma water shortages continue | The Herald

Kadoma water shortages continue

Ivan Zhakata recently in KADOMA

Kadoma residents are lamenting about erratic water supplies for the past six years during which council has failed to deliver normal supplies.

Residents last week said they had been relying on public boreholes drilled in 2008 by the United Nations (UN) but most of them had since dried up because of persistent hot temperatures.

Some said they were having to travel long distances of three to five kilometres to access clean water while others had dug wells at their houses which they are using to charge $60 for a 20 litre bucket of water.

Local resident, Mrs Jane Muperi, said the municipality appear only concerned with their salaries and not the welfare of residents.

“The council is taking us for granted because we have spent a lot of years without water and they are telling us that they are looking into the problem,” she said.

Another resident, Ms Tilda Marikopo, said council was putting the lives of the people in danger.

“Council is saying the pipes are so dilapidated that they are mixing clean water with sewage. Instead of giving good service delivery to the people, they are concentrating on internal politics, putting people’s lives at risk,” she said.

Mr Petros Makani said: “There is a lot of fighting within the council and instead of looking at ways of addressing people’s concerns, they are using the council as a platform to settle political scores.”

“There is some kind of sabotage going on at council. The council is channelling water to some richer parts of the city at the expense of those living in high density suburbs.”

Kadoma Municipality said it requires about $15 million to upgrade and rehabilitate its aging water and sewage reticulation system.

Kadoma Mayor, councillor Action Nyamukondiwa said the expansion of the city had resulted in demand for water exceeding supply.

Cllr Nyamukondiwa said they were looking for consultants to help in mapping ways of improving water provision.

“We are pumping water but we have take offs to the Blue Ridge reservoir.

“When electricity is available, we pump water to the residents but as you know, there is a lot of residential expansion in Kadoma.

“Demand for water has exceeded supply as we do not have adequate water reservoirs. We have engaged property developers to drill boreholes while we look for consultants to help with improving water provision,” he said.