Lawyers dispute Sibanda’s testimony

Source: Lawyers dispute Sibanda’s testimony – DailyNews Live

Tendayi Madhomu      23 November 2018

HARARE – The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) rarely admits to wrongdoing,
officials from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) told a
Commission of Inquiry probing the August 1 post-election violence that
claimed six lives.

The commission yesterday heard testimonies from journalist Maynard
Manyowa, an “A” Level student Simeon Chipukaso who was shot in the leg
during the army shootings, Attorney-General Prince Machaya and the ZHLR’s
senior lawyer Modecai Mahlangu.

In a report tabled before the Kgalema Motlante-led commission, the ZHLR
hammered the commander of the ZDF Phillip Valerio Sibanda’s testimony,
saying it was clear that the army was in the habit of shirking

“We have not yet had a situation where the army have accepted wrongdoing;
it is a culture that has developed in so many years,” he said.

Adding that Sibanda’s account “did not make sense for a man of his

When he appeared before the commission, the army general vowed that none
of the soldiers shot any civilian on August 1.

Yesterday, Mahlangu said it was pointless for government to set up a
commission for the criminal acts that occurred on August 1, saying the
perpetrators should have appropriately appeared before criminal courts.

He said the seven-member commission must be careful not to be used to
whitewash or conceal the brutality that occurred on the fateful day

Manyowa gave a witness report on the occurrences of August 1, stating that
he has footage he filmed from behind the soldiers.

The journalist said the soldiers he came across were using hand whips to
beat up civilians.

Chipukaso gave a harrowing account of how he got shot while in a crowd
together with his mother along Harare Street.

He told the commission that when they had embarked on a kombi back home,
two armed soldiers suddenly appeared and fired some warning shots,
ordering commuters to disembark and walk home.

Chipukaso said he suddenly felt some pain in his leg while running and was
only assisted by good samaritans that ferried him and his mother to Mbare
Police Station to make a report before proceeding to Harare Central
Hospital, were he was treated and advised to return for review next

The Motlante commission, which was appointed in September, is expected to
complete its task next month. In an interview with journalists after the
session, the commission spokesperson John Masuku said hearings will resume
next Monday, where MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and his party’s deputy
national chairperson are expected to appear.


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    Tambu 4 years ago

    This must be crazy way of doing things but however some truth has be said out, thanks to Japajapa and Jim Kunaka. We need such pple in Zimbabwé. Very brave men and women to unearth the truth. This must be an opportunity for others to say the truth. Sibannda is a liar.