LIVE: Mugabe to exit #Zimbabwe for South Africa – source

LIVE: Mugabe to exit #Zimbabwe for South Africa – source

Source: LIVE: Mugabe to exit #Zimbabwe for South Africa – source | News24

Talks are set to continue after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe refused to resign during a crunch meeting with military generals who have seized control of the country. Follow the live updates.

Robert Mugabe


“In the interest of the people, Mr Robert Mugabe must resign and step down immediately,” Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, told a news conference, reading from a statement. – Reuters


Zimbabweans faced another day of uncertainty amid quiet talks to resolve the country’s political turmoil. (Ben Curtis, AP)


Zimbabwe’s military said on Friday it had detained some “criminals” in President Robert Mugabe’s government after generals took power in a dispute over who would succeed the 93-year-old leader.


BREAKING: Zim’s ousted VP Mnangagwa back in the country

Zimbabwe’s former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking last week triggered the military takeover, has returned to the country, a senior aide told AFP on Friday.


The Zimbabwean army on Friday reportedly said that it was “engaging” with President Robert Mugabe, adding that progress had been made in targeting “criminals” around the veteran leader.


The coup d’état in Zimbabwe – call it bloodless, benevolent, calm or whatever – holds so many lessons for South Africa.

In fact, the whole continent of Africa has a lot to teach us, mostly on how not to govern, writes Mpumelelo Mkhabela


Mugabe seemed almost untouchable for much of his nearly four-decade rule. Shrewd and ruthless, he managed to stay in power despite advancing age, growing opposition, international sanctions and the dissolving economy of a once-prosperous African nation.

Now, the apparent abrupt end of the Mugabe era is launching Zimbabwe into the unknown. It’s a humbling close to the career of a man who crushed dissent or side-lined opponents after leading Zimbabwe since (Fritz Reiss, AP, File)


Mugabe to exile in SA?

Zimbabwean media says that President Robert Mugabe on Thursday reportedly “agreed in principle” to step down after 37 years in power, adding that he was set to exile in South Africa.


“Yes, he is back,” said the aide, who declined to be named, adding that Mnangagwa, who is a potential successor to President Robert Mugabe, had returned on Thursday. – AFP


Morgan Tsvangirai: Mugabe must step down


Zimbabweans on social media show great respect for the military during the coup


Workers walk past a photograph of President Robert Mugabe at a government building in Harare. (AP)


Power, whites and gays – Mugabe in quotes

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 93, has a long history of making colourful or controversial remarks during a reign that has spanned nearly four decades.


AU lets SADC bloc take lead on Zimbabwe

The African Union will allow Zimbabwe’s southern neighbors in the SADC regional bloc to mediate in the political crisis there, a senior official told reporters after talks in Washington.


Mugabe ‘trying to buy time’ to negotiate his exit

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has refused to resign after meeting generals who have seized control of the country, as sources suggested the veteran leader was “buying time” to negotiate his exit.


There is no doubt that the military is charge of Zimbabwe despite the impasse in negotiations with Robert Mugabe.

The military said in a statement broadcast on Zimbabwean television that it had made “significant progress” in its operation targeting “criminals” around Mugabe. – Reuters


The main goal of the generals is to prevent Mugabe from handing power to his wife Grace, 41 years his junior, who has built a following among the ruling party’s youth wing and appeared on the cusp of power after Emmerson Mnangagwa was pushed out – Reuters


“We are still young people; we are learning from our mistakes.”

Says he was not forced to make a public apology


Former Zimbabwean Minister of Home Affairs and Head of Intelligence Dumiso Dabengwa will hold a media briefing at 14:00 today in Sandton


Mugabe is insisting he remains Zimbabwe’s only legitimate ruler and is refusing to quit, but pressure was mounting on the former guerrilla to accept offers of a graceful exit, sources said. – Reuters