Magistrate reprimands Katsimberis 

Source: Magistrate reprimands Katsimberis –Newsday Zimbabwe

A Harare magistrate on Thursday warned property developer George Katsimberis, who is accused of fraud, against mischaracterising prosecutor Michael Reza and labelling him as crazy.

 This was after Katsimberis, who is being represented by Tino Chinyoka, described Reza as crazy.

This prompted Reza and magistrate Vongai Guwuriroto demand that Katsimberis should withdraw the word “crazy”.

Chinyoka then asked  his client to withdraw the word, but Katsimberis said he did not intend to insult the prosecutor, but  blamed his poor comprehension of the English language.

The property developer proceeded with his application saying he failed to access a Greek interpreter, and also wanted his case to be televised.

Katsimberis went on to accuse Reza of making several lies before the courts.

“He does improper things and gets back-up from the media. He boosts his ego by saying improper things to give news to the media,” he said.

Katsembiris is accused of duping a fellow business partner of close to US$1 million in a joint venture project to build cluster houses in Borrowdale