MDC Alliance gets tough on Mwonzora

Source: MDC Alliance gets tough on Mwonzora – NewsDay Zimbabwe


PRINCIPALS, who form the MDC Alliance, yesterday said they would demand the reinstatement of recalled MPs, senators and councillors as part of conditions for comprehensive dialogue with the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T, it has emerged.

Last month, one of the MDC Alliance principals, Mathias Guchutu fired the MDC-T from the alliance, saying the party had violated the terms of the electoral pact entered into by late opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and six other opposition parties in December 2017.

Guchutu, however, later withdrew the suspension, citing the need to pursue dialogue with Mwonzora. He claimed that senior MDC-T party members called him for engagement following the suspension.

Alliance principals said they would set tough conditions for Mwonzora, which include withdrawing his request to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to suspend by-elections.

“We also want him to reinstate those he fired under our name MDC Alliance,” the principals said.

“What is clear is we went into the 2018 elections as the MDC Alliance and where we lost, we lost together while where we won, we won together as an alliance so that is a condition we are keen on.”

Mwonzora fired over 40 MPs and more than 80 councillors countrywide arguing that they had ceased to be members of the MDC Alliance because of their continued association with the Nelson Chamisa-led party.

“They (MDC-T) should know and Zimbabwe must know that as principals, we are in charge,” Guchutu said yesterday.

“We are not going to be distracted in any way by sideshows. Lloyd Damba (Mwonzora’s spokesperson) shot his boss in the foot by trying to defend his turf.”

Damba last week dismissed Guchutu’s letter, claiming that Mwonzora was the head of the alliance.

“The statement was miscalculated, uncalled for and mischievous. As principals, we are not going to tolerate any such statements even if they are from Mwonzora’s office,” Guchutu said.

Other parties that formed the MDC Alliance are the People’s Democratic Party, the MDC led by Welshman Ncube and the MDC-T.

The MDC Alliance refused to join Mnangagwa’s Political Actors Dialogue, but Mwonzora is convening a national council meeting today to endorse membership of the group, days after other principals were pampered with cars.