MDC Ncube fires deputy spokesperson 

MDC Ncube fires deputy spokesperson 

Source: MDC Ncube fires deputy spokesperson | The Herald June 20, 2018

MDC Ncube fires deputy spokespersonWelshman Ncube

Bulawayo Bureau
THE Professor Welshman Ncube led MDC yesterday fired its deputy spokesperson Mr Mbuso Siso for allegedly putting the party’s name in disrepute. But Mr Siso denied the allegations, telling our Bulawayo Bureau that he was fired for challenging Prof Ncube for imposing his nephew Nkanyiso Brezhnev Mathonsi as a candidate for Bulawayo Ward 2, which he is also contesting.

This is happening as chaos in the MDC Alliance has escalated with the alliance fielding more than one candidate per constituency in some areas.

Venting his anger on Facebook yesterday, Mr Siso said Prof Ncube should be stopped as he had turned dictatorial.
“I’ve been dismissed by Professor Ncube as the party deputy national information and publicity secretary all because he attempted to bless his son, Nkanyiso Brezhnev Mathonsi, with Ward 2 Bulawayo Central seat that was negotiated on my behalf by the candidate,” he said.

“Thank God, I succeeded to block him as the candidate and his father for dictatorship behaviour.”
Mr Siso likened Prof Ncube to former president Mr Robert Mugabe who wanted to turn zanu-pf into a personal project
“Professor Welshman Ncube should be stopped immediately for his unbecoming behaviour,” he said. “He is no different from the Mugabe regime which attempted to create a dynasty by imposing his wife.”

MDC national spokesperson Mr Kurauone Chihwayi rubbished Mr Siso’s claims, saying he was fired for misconduct.
He said Mr Mathonsi, as a party member, was free to contest any seat.
“Such allegations are untrue and malicious,” said Mr Chihwayi.

“It is not true that Prof Ncube interfered with the selection process to make way for anyone. He was removed from the position of deputy spokesperson after bringing the name of the party into disrepute.

“Brezhnev Mathonsi is a full party member and had the right to contest if he so wished. Perhaps Siso thought he was indispensable and that nobody would contest the candidacy.”