Minister explains wheat shortage 

Minister explains wheat shortage 

Source: Minister explains wheat shortage | The Herald 18 OCT, 2018

Minister explains wheat shortageMinister Matiza

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
At  least 980 National Railways of Zimbabwe wagons had been loaded with wheat as of yesterday and most of them were now docked at millers as Government moves to ease the shortage of the cereal grain, a Cabinet minister has said.

In an interview yesterday, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza said most of the wagons were already at the millers and National Foods Limited.

The shortage of wheat has seen bread disappearing from shops, a situation which has seen its price soaring particularly on the black market.

Minister Matiza said Government dispatched NRZ wagons to Mozambique to expedite wheat delivery after coaches from that country broke down.

“The commodity is available. Some of the wheat is already at Beira while we have also supplied National Foods and the Grain Millers’ Association. We have been supplying them quite efficiently and we are committed to continue doing that to ensure wheat availability in the country. We have stocks in Beira,” said Minister Matiza.

“Currently, there are 198 wagons so far as of yesterday. What was happening was that the Mozambican side experienced some breakdowns and they are repairing their wagons. We intervened to solve the problem. Actually we had to send our railway coaches to Machipanda Border Post to assist the Mozambican side to bring the wheat straight to Harare. Obviously, there was a minor snag. As we speak now, our coaches are at National Foods and Grain Millers (Association), so we are trying our best to ensure that there is continued supply of wheat by engaging our counterparts in Mozambique,” said Minister Matiza.

Last week GMAZ chairman Mr Tafadzwa Musarara said they  had started receiving the 30 000 tonnes of wheat imported recently and millers who had temporarily closed shop due to the unavailability of the cereal were now expected to resume operations.

The wheat was secured by GMAZ on an instalment prepayment arrangement.

The wheat landed at Beira, Mozambique, recently.

It was released after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe paid the balance owed to Holbud’s, a Lithuanian company.

He said wheat was competing with fertiliser imports and this had delayed its delivery as the National Railways of Zimbabwe was overwhelmed.

Mr Musarara said if the NRZ had been bringing in 40 wagons a day, it would take 10 days for the situation to normalise. “We are ready to supply the market and all we need to supply is in place and the only challenge is with the NRZ. We hope NRZ improves,” he said.


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    The patching business will never work. These people should simply go. 38 years was enough. Rigging elections was simple but the economy cannot be rigged. Even the genius who taxes vegetable vendors will fail to rig the economy. There is too much dirt that accumulated in the ZANU watch since 1980. WHO WILL LEND MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO LIVE BEYOND LUXURY? Just look at the shake shake party’s motor vehicles. THOSE MONSTORS OVERSHADOW THE NEEDS OF THE POPULACE. What is the plan on the urban roads. Foex spent on vehicle suspension reapairs would go a long way in revamping the rotten economy. It could save fuel even. Cry the beloved country!

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      Ndonga 3 years ago

      The uselessness of our people in charge in Zimbabwe is beyond belief.

      In the UK here, people talk about silly people who can’t organise a party…or something else…in a beer brewery.

      These fools of ours can’t organise a braai outside a butcher’s shop!

      They left us without wheat, and now with this late wheat taking up our rail wagons which should be carrying fertilizer to grow our next maize crop, they will leave us without maize.

      And so, it goes on and on…

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    Doris 3 years ago

    We used to export wheat.

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    its all lies fuel in the country wheat in the country bla bla.and we the citizens suck this up and vote for them shame on us as a nation

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    Nobody is interested in stories – just get the wheat to the millers dunder heads !

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    Deborah 3 years ago

    We are Zimbabwean wheat farmers. Just harvested. Being offered ewuivalent of usd $100 per tonne. Imported wheat cocting usd $400 per tonne. Ummmm how many lical farmers will be growing wheat next year?. Answer zero.

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    Maybe if they had not got rid of the majority of the commercial farmers over the last 18 years – you know – the ones who fed the country, they may not be in this position now? I appreciate that there are local farmers who do their best, but with limited resources and a failing economy, nobody would blame them for growing for their own consumption only.

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    Fallenz 3 years ago

    They stole and steal until the crisis affects them personally… then they cry out for more foreign aid so they can steal that.  Their own pockets and their own dinner table is all that matters to them.  That’s Zanu-PF.  

    With the right government operating in the right structure, with the good of the nation their goal, the economy can be recovered, but the current government is interested only in their own wealth, so there is nothing left but the begging bowl… and guess who will empty that into their own pockets.

    To the “War Vets” and collaborators, what you got is exactly what ya get when ya put uncivilized savages in expensive business suits, ties, and Mercedes.  That’s what you killed and maimed for, that’s what you got… quit whining.

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    So the Minister of Transport has to explain the wheat shortage! What did the Minister of Agriculture have to say on the issue? Zimbabwe used to export wheat and earn USD$ !!