Mnangagwa: I have No ill Feelings for Mugabe 

Source: Mnangagwa: I have No ill Feelings for Mugabe | ZimEye

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told youths attending an interface meeting in the capital that he has no ill feeling towards President Mugabe for the humiliation he suffered during 2017 Youth Interface Rallies and subsequent dismissal from party.

‘I am here because for the last 54 years he was holding my hand,’ Mnangagwa said to an applause by the youth attending a meeting hosted by Capitalkfm today in Harare.

‘So to me he is my father, my mentor, my revolutionary leader. But time comes when he gets influence because of age. He was surrounded by ‘criminals’…I don’t believe some of the actions he made were genuinely his.

‘I have no ill feelings at all towards the former President, Robert Mugabe. I chat with him.’

President Mnangagwa said Mugabe didn’t even remember firing him from Zanu PF.

Talking about interface rallies President Mnangagwa said the youth interface rallies slightly turned harder as they progressed.

‘We began in Mashonaland east, as went on it became slightly harder, slightly troublesome,and we went on, it became slightly worrying,’ said Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa said he also forgives his accusers Grace Mugabe and G40 who ganged up against him and using the youth interface rallies as a platform to attack his persona.

‘I really thought that those making accusation on me or some of my colleagues like Charamba were ignorant of who I was or who Charamba was.’

Moving on Mnangagwa called on everyone to ‘look at the future that is the only space which we can improve, not the past’.


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    Fallenz 4 years ago

    Mister Mnangagwa, where is the justice for those who suffered at your hand? Where is freedom and democracy for Zimbabwe? You and Mugabe were one, and his crimes are your crimes. Gukurahundi, 2008 political violence, disappearances, “road accidents”, plunder of national resources, these are all on your head, and you can not escape, you can not run fast enough, fly far enough, to make yourself innocent. You are a festering wound to all who have suffered.