“Mnangagwa Is A Killer”, Man Charged For Undermining President

Source: “Mnangagwa Is A Killer”, Man Charged For Undermining President | ZimEye

A Zimbabwean man has appeared in court after he was charged for undermining the authority of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said a report.

Gustiv Kativhu was charged for calling Mnangagwa a “murderer” at the recently concluded Zanu-PF congress that sealed former president Robert Mugabe’s fall from grace, according to local media.

Kitivhu was arrested at the Robert Mugabesquare where the ruling party had met to endorse Mnangagwa as party leader on Friday.

The 45-year-old was protesting outside the venue carrying anti-Mnangagwa placards. Some read: “Mnangagwa killed my friend. Zanu-PF is giving jobs to China. Mnangagwa–Chiwenga diamond mafia. Chiwenga don’t beat vendors, give them jobs.”

Another of the placards called for the upcoming 2018 elections to be monitored by the United Nation, fearing that it could result in another 37 years of no employment.

Kativhu maintained in court that Mnangagwa was abusive, accusing him of trying to act as if the country was still under Ian Smith’s regime.

“[I] wanted to tell him that he killed my friend,” he was quoted as saying.

The state said that it had three witnesses against the accused.

The man was being held in custody until December 21.

Under Mugabe’s rule, the government had clamped down on freedom of expression, with dozens of Zimbabweans falling foul of the law. – News24


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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    One moe sign of the normalization of ZANUPF chaos and injustice. Mnangagwa is a murderer… many times over. Gukurahundi is a fact of history, and Mnangagwa’s role is a historical fact. ZANUPF wants to bury those facts with the bones of those tortured and murdered… but, history is set in stone, and can not be altered. The world knows those facts, so name him ZANUPF President, King, Prince, God, whatever you want, but don’t expect respect in the world community.

    • comment-avatar
      Vobwo 5 years ago

      Politicians are not pastors. All over the world they command armies and kill. Leave our President. He has our mandate to lead the country. Take your confused self to America if you think politicians there are saints. Freedom of speech. or rather freedom of madness should have limits. Our President does not need to be respected by the world but by us Zimbabweans!!!

  • comment-avatar
    spiralx 5 years ago

    Pretty disappointing that this iniquitous ‘law’ has not yet been repealed. Or at least disowned by Mnangagwa, and the judiciary.

  • comment-avatar
    Simon 5 years ago

    Leave our President, let’s focus together on Economic Reform Programmes supporting robust policies that will boost economy and create employment. Our President is busy putting in place measures that will being positive change for the benefit of us yet some of the people are busy criticising and diverting him into too much politics instead of economics. Ngatibatane kuvaka Zimbabwe. Viva President Emmerson Dambudzo Munangangwa, we are Supporting your policies that you address at the SONA